Mansi Zaveri on collaborating, and how a network can power your net worth
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Entrepreneurship often starts with an idea, a laptop and a dream. Your hard work, productivity, collaboration, consistency, choices you make, and the lengths you go to protect it, can be the secret sauce to making the dream a reality.

To commemorate the launch of Windows 11, YourStory has curated a unique five-part series titled #StartYourWin, featuring five founders from the startup ecosystem to celebrate extraordinary resilience, belief and persistence. In our third episode, we’re focussing on how collaboration can be key to unlocking growth for you and your business.

Mansi Zaveri is the Founder & CEO of India’s most trusted discovery platform for parenting and child care – – an enormously successful brand. She also hosts India’s first parenting original podcast on Jio Saavn with over three million streams within just 12 months of launching the show.

Mansi is the voice of the new age discerning Indian parent and has emerged as the strongest influencer in the parenting and baby care space. She works with organisations to help improve their employee empathy quotient for women employees and is also an educator in social and digital marketing especially for entrepreneurs.

Mansi credits being able to work with others as an important part of her entrepreneurship journey - a factor that resonates with leaders in the ecosystem. In fact, business leaders, academics and researchers who study entrepreneurship recognise collaboration and information sharing as being as important as more obvious skills such as opportunity recognition and determination. As part of the #StartYourWin series, Mansi speaks about how collaboration can power a success journey.

“Businesses and babies – both take a village to raise them. But before you begin it’s important to know and realise that you need a village.” says Mansi as she speaks about how collaboration should be front and centre to realising ‘blitz-scale growth.’

“Most often founders want to do 99 percent of the work themselves – and that’s where we make our biggest mistake - in not believing that someone else can do it as well if not better than us,” she adds, while adding that it is important to recognise that you need help, ask for it, and be very specific when you ask.

“We often assume that everyone automatically gets what we want – and that’s not true,” she says.

Talking about collaboration for ‘blitz-scale growth', Mansi advocates the following three step approach: Identifying your customer’s precise pain point; identifying the best collaborator for the job, and finally identifying the best medium to use to solve it.

“Your network can power your net worth,” she says.

Do watch the video for more insights from Mansi on how to collaborate for long-lasting personal and professional growth.

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