The human in HR Lessons for the new normal- Shradha Sharma | Rajat Mathur, MD Morgan Stanley, Master at Masters' Union
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The normal keeps changing, but learning is perpetual. Rajat Mathur, Managing Director and Head of India-HR at Morgan Stanley and teaching ‘People decisions and HR’ at Masters' Union School Of Business talks about ‘The human in HR: Lessons for the new normal’, and how to be a perpetual student in this one-on-one with Shradha Sharma.


Rajat Mathur

Shradha Sharma
Founder & CEO, YourStory Media
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Top moments from the video
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1 Rajat Mathur's advice for organizations and individuals during the pandemic
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2 "Ability to communicate" - Rajat Mathur on the most essential skill for leaders
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3 Rajat Mathur on how COVID has driven EdTech and tech adoption in education
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4 Rajat Mathur on potential changes to work from home post-COVID
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5 Rajat Mathur shares his learnings and the evolution of HR over the years
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6 Rajat Mathur on mental health, improving communication and work-life balance
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