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From repackaging trucking with a digital road freight platform to selling confirmed train tickets with a wait-list prediction tool to producing smart, durable and zero maintenance clothes, startups Ezyhaul, ConfirmTkt and Turms are solving unmet needs. Watch as the founders behind these three startups discuss their journey, ideas, tech, APIs and more behind their ventures, on this episode of YourStory’s Mavericks Season 2 powered by Lenovo.


Dinesh Kumar Kotha
Co-Founder & CEO, Head Product Development

Rameswar Misra
Founder, TURMS

Mudasar Mohamed
Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer, Ezyhaul

Shradha Sharma
Founder & CEO, YourStory Media
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Top moments from the video
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1 Dinesh Kumar Kotha talks about the success of ticketing startup ConfirmTkt
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2 ConfirmTkt CEO on the size of the train ticketing market
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3 Mudasar Mohamed explains how Ezyhaul addresses THREE issues with intercity logistics
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4 Tips and learnings from Ezyhaul's early journey and fundraising experiences
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5 Mudasar Mohamed on getting truckers to use Ezyhaul
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6 Rameswar Misra on THREE key challenges in innovation-driven textiles at TURMS
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7 Rameswar Misra explains the technology behind TURMS apparel
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