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Most banks may refuse them loans, but MoneyOnClick offers a unique product of joint-liability family loans for the lower middle class. Armed with a network of micro-entrepreneurs across India’s small towns and cities this startup is building for Bharat. MyPetrolPump is a first-of its kind startup that is solving an everyday problem. By bringing a ‘chalta phirta’ petrol pump to the doorstep, it is not only redefining last-mile delivery of fuel for its consumers, but also serving an environmental cause of reducing air pollution.


Vishal Chopra
Founder, MoneyOnClick

Ashish Gupta
Co-founder & CEO, MyPetrolPump

Shradha Sharma
Founder & CEO, YourStory Media
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Top moments from the video
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1 Ashish Gupta explains how MyPetrolPump has massively improved client efficiencies
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2 Ashish Gupta talks about the needs being addressed by MyPetrolPump
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3 Ashish Gupta details the massive value added by MyPetrolPump to its customers
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4 Vishal Chopra explains the Indian money-lending landscape and their approach
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5 Vishal Chopra on the factors that enabled MoneyOnClick to underwrite customer loans
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6 MoneyOnClick founder on domain experience and market research that led to funding
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7 MoneyOnClick founder explains their business model and rationale
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