How to build wealth in the current times
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In this episode of Money Matters with Shradha Sharma we are joined by Nitin Singh, MD & CEO of Avendus Wealth Management to help us understand how we can build wealth in the current times. Nitin Singh addresses various aspects of wealth creation and touches upon investing in startups, investing in the stock market and more.


Nitin Singh
Managing Director & CEO, Avendus Wealth Management

Shradha Sharma
Founder & CEO, YourStory Media
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Top moments from the video
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1 Nitin Singh's advice on investing in debt funds during a crisis
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2 Avendus Wealth CEO's investment thesis and outlook for startups post-lockdown
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3 Nitin Singh explains his stock picking framework for both new and old investors
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4 Avendus Wealth CEO's macro outlook for next 12-18 months
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5 Nitin Singh's take on money
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6 Nitin Singh on the qualities of people who attract wealth
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