Meet the Mavericks: Nithin Kamath, Founder & CEO of Zerodha, India’s largest brokerage firm

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A slam-dunk move is how you’d view what our Maverick has done to open up and increase the investment and trading base in the country. No stranger to taking risks, losing big and rebounding. He’s the broker boy from Bengaluru who’s now scoring high on Dalal Street.


From trading the markets at a young age to making fast money and losing it all, his life has been a roller coaster ride. In 2010, Nithin Kamath, Founder and CEO of Zerodhawent from being burnt out as a trader to becoming a broker the Indian capital markets never had. Backed by his younger brother, Nikhil Kamath, the duo have built a technology led, product and investor focused brokerage business with a customer base of 1.5 million.

By removing the age old barriers to investing, and charging no brokerage for equity trades, Zerodha has become India’s largest broker with total holdings in securities to the tune of Rs 18,000 crore, contributing upto 15% of overall retail trading volumes in the country.


Nithin Kamath
Founder & CEO, Zerodha
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1 Nithin Kamath on expanding the market with new products, and financial inclusion
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2 Nithin Kamath on Zerodha's goal of removing barriers to finance
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3 Nithin Kamath on the need to build a nimble business
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4 Nithin Kamath on early days, founding Zerodha, sports, and more
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5 Nithin Kamath highlights some initiatives, and his view of money
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6 Nithin Kamath on building Zerodha for investors
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