Meet the company that is striving for every child’s better future

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Competition has become the norm today, and it's crucial for parents to support their child during its first eight years of life, as the brain develops the most during this stage, so as to ensure that it survives the competition and becomes successful. However, inexperienced parents are not able to give the required attention to their children, forcing them to search for additional child support.

In a quest to find answers to this growing problem, Vijay Anand, along with his team, started ParentLane. “ParentLane is an app that helps a new generation of millennial parents keep track of their child's development,” he says.

The app informs parents of their child's development by allowing them to answer a series of questions. The feature ‘Discuss' allows new parents to post a question, which is answered quickly by other experienced members in the community. Milestone, another feature, checks whether the child's growth is on track, in excess of expectations or delayed, and informs the parents.

The app also provides recommendations on the child's food and activities through various nutritionists and experts. With all the data collected from the parents, the app at times even suggests that they visit a doctor, helping to prevent the illness of the child.

Parents who use the app seem to be happy, and are accepting it with open arms. Vijay says, “Qualitatively, we have a lot of good feedback from parents. Our app is rated 4.8, and is one of the top rated apps in this category. Our data also shows that we have the highest engagement and retention rates.”

Placed in a $35 billion market, the company aims to scale up in the coming days. “While there are players in the tech side, there are none that particularly help map early child development for parents,” says Divya Chawla, who heads the product marketing team at ParentLane. The company also plans to strengthen their technology and invest heavily in data sciences and machine learning, to build a better user experience for parents.