A peek into Lookup's revamped office space that fosters an open culture in the messaging app startup

4th Apr 2016
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Last October, Bengaluru-based Lookup, a messaging app that connects shoppers with local businesses, raised $2.5 million in Series A funding, led by Vinod Khosla's personal fund Khosla Impact.

For Founder Deepak Ravindran, the challenge was to create that perfect workspace embodying his company's culture.

“We had hardly invested in an office space before we raised Series A. In fact, our previous office was just for the tech team to work together. So we took whatever came at the cheapest cost,” he explains.

The trouble was that although people learnt of Lookup's investment from Khosla Impact and Twitter Co-founder Biz Stone, they weren't really impressed when they took in the environment at their previous workspace.

Deepak says,

“While seeing the bigger picture we realised the need to attract the right set of people. Well-funded companies in the market were paying high salaries to recruit talent. So to attract the right talent we thought of creating a perfect environment for individuals to come join us.”

According to Deepak the endeavour was simple: to create a perfect nest for individuals such that when they first walked in, they were at awe.

The elements

Deepak envisioned a flat hierarchy with no managers for his company. He wanted to create a space where anyone could reach out to anyone.

And those were the core elements taken into consideration while setting up Lookup's new office.

The office has no rooms and only two meeting halls comprising the conference area and a room for investors for board meetings.

Inspired by the Square office in the US, Lookup's workspace has maximised the colour white (on the brick walls and ceilings) to give a sense of space, light, while giving a feel of openness to the environment.

Lookup's brand colour green is incorporated through plants. But what steals the show for the founder is the amphitheatre which was inspired by Apple.

The workspace is designed by Alok Shetty, who was featured in Time magazine as a person to look out for. We take a closer look at what went behind creating this inspiring workspace.

 Video Credits:

Camera Person: Rukmangada Raja

Video Editor: Anjali Achal

Production Assistant: Vincent Arthur

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