Rajiv Srivatsa, Co-founder & CPTO of India’s premier furniture e-tailer, Urban Ladder, discusses his riskiest bets, handling setbacks and his one life philosophy.

Concept & Direction: Shivani Muthanna | Cinematography: Rukmangada Raja | Edit: Anjali V
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Our Maverick on this Episode is someone who lives by and endorses the philosophy of the “One Life”. Setting up home in Bengaluru, he discovered a personal pain point which was eventually turned into a business opportunity. One dream and a journey of making a million homes beautiful - he’s the calm, cool and collective Co-founder of India’s premier furniture and home décor startup.


In 2012, Rajiv Srivatsa, along with his co-founder Ashish Goel started business when no one in India was buying furniture online – that was their biggest bet.

Today their company - Urban Ladder has transformed into an omnichannel furniture destination with 11 stores set up over the past 2 years and 20 more in the pipeline. The fact that every home is a personal canvas has hit home for many in India and Urban Ladder is at the forefront of creating warm, creative, happy spaces. 

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