RESHAPING INDIA’s DATA LANDSCAPE: ‘JPC Report on the PDP Bill, 2019: An Industry Perspective’

About the session

The PDP Bill, 2019 bears significant ramifications for all digital entities from a data protection and privacy perspective, and even from a competition perspective. In this context, the JPC has suggested various far-reaching changes to the original Personal Data Protection Bill, which will affect the ease of doing business in India, and also affect the rights of citizens and other stakeholders involved in the ecosystem. To that effect, the third panel in the series examines pertinent issues emerging from the bill and its consequences for regulators, businesses, consumers, and society at large.

Moderated by The Quantum Hub - TQH and hosted by YourStory, the panel discussion ‘JPC Report on the PDP Bill, 2019 – an industry perspective’ will present perspectives on the JPC’s recommendations around the inclusion of non-personal and anonymised data within the ambit of the Bill, grounds for the processing of data without consent, the mandate on data portability; mandate on hardware integrity of devices; and interference by the government in cross border data flows.

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