Great things happen when we move: The moving’ stories of three inspiring women
About the session

Mobility is a key pillar for gender equality. It is well documented that anti-genderlised mobility can move a country towards better socio-economics conditions. Through its #MoveWithShell campaign, Shell is encouraging Indians to move forward and chase their dreams. 

They are doing, among many ways, by championing the cause of mobility through the inspiring real-life stories of three remarkable women who found new paths to make their future.

For every Indian, mobility can be a powerful enabler in a person’s journey towards achieving their dreams, and Shell's latest campaign “Great things happen when we move" is a campaign that celebrates these dreamers in India - those who display unconquerable courage and motivation to realize their ambitions by doing one simple thing - moving. 

To inspire our audience and encourage people, especially women to keep moving and chase their dreams for a better future, YourStory hosted a panel featuring Geeta and Sumitra in conversation with Nitin Prasad, Chairman, Shell Companies in India, Shradha Sharma of YourStory.

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