Shradha Sharma on how consistency can have compounding returns for entrepreneurs
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Entrepreneurship often starts with an idea, a laptop and a dream. 

Your hard work on your dream, productivity, collaboration, consistency, choices you make and the lengths you go to protect it can be the secret sauce to making it a reality. 

To commemorate the launch of Windows 11, YourStory has curated a unique five-part series titled #StartYourWin, featuring five founders from the startup ecosystem to celebrate extraordinary resilience, belief and persistence. 

The first episode of the series featuring YourStory’s Shradha Sharma, focuses on how consistency can be key to overcoming challenges and unlocking growth. 

Shradha founded YourStory in 2008, with the aim of championing the untold stories of startups in India.  She showed up for the startup ecosystem in India. And nearly 13 years later, she still does. Through YourStory, Shradha has helped incubate the narratives of over 150,000 entrepreneurs till date, and her perspective as someone with a front row seat of India’s startup ecosystem is invaluable.

“Consistency pays,” says Shradha Sharma as she speaks about how being consistent over time can have compounding returns for entrepreneurs. “While passion and ambition are some of the most talked-about qualities of an entrepreneur, I believe consistency is one of the most underrated qualities.” 

The one constant in an entrepreneur’s life are challenges, but I believe they also made us resilient. The more you fall, and the more you pick yourself up, you build your resilient muscles. And the only thing I’ve done consistently is stand up every time I fall,” she adds. 

“If you do something every day with the same belief and the same passion, you are bound to succeed.” she says. 

“You have to stay true to your vision and not be swayed by the noise that surrounds you. It has not been an easy journey. It's human to question ourselves and process negativity. But today 13 years later, our 10 million visitors, 4 million subscribers who believe in what we do, are testament to what happens when you stay true to your vision and not get distracted,” she adds.

Do watch the video for more insights from Shradha on staying productive, her self-care routine, her mantra for consistency, making tough choices and how she pushes past conventional wisdom to grow.


Shradha Sharma
Founder & CEO, YourStory Media
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