Tech Strategies for Business Continuity
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Today, companies are being forced to re-evaluate business strategies and start operating in new ways. Their priorities have changed and business continuity risks have emerged a key challenge as business leaders are making unprecedented decisions in terms of processes, productivity, and security risks.

Watch Dharmendra Rangain, Chief Information Officer, India/SAARC Region at Cisco in conversation with YourStory’s Vishal Krishna about The CXO guide to Business Continuity: Putting Technology To Work For Business Continuity.


Dharmendra Rangain
Chief Information Officer - India/SAARC, Cisco
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Top moments from the video
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1 Cisco India CIO on navigating early days of COVID to maintain business continuity
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2 Cisco India CIO on enabling their customers through tech, and sharing best practices
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3 Dharmendra Rangain on scaling and securing the Cisco Webex solution
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4 "Security starts with us": Cisco India CIO on internal security and Cisco's policies
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5 Dharmendra Rangain on open communication and how Cisco is helping employee safety
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6 Dharmendra Rangain on scaling internal infrastructure, and the Cisco on Cisco program
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7 Cisco India CIO on leading with humility
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