Will the third of COVID-19 impact children? Cloud Nine Founder Dr R Kishore Kumar explains
About the session

The first two waves of COVID-19 have proved fatal. And with fears of a third wave hitting the country, debates around the nation are focused on whether this wave will be doubly dangerous, particularly for children below 20 years of age. To provide guidance on how parents and adults can ensure the safety of children and dispel rumours around the third wave, hospital chain Cloud Nine's Founder Dr R Kishore Kumar spoke to YourStory Founder Shradha Sharma recently, where he:

- debunked myths and rumours surrounding the third wave and its impact on children

- shared advice on precautions expecting mothers and adults can take to prevent the spread of coronavirus

- explained how one can distinguish between normal flu and Covid-19 symptoms

- deep-dived into India's pediatric care infrastructure and the importance of vaccination, among others

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