A vanguard of protecting the environment, Vineet Mittal talks about the importance of protection
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Entrepreneurship often starts with an idea, a laptop and a dream. Your hard work, productivity, collaboration, consistency, choices you make, and the lengths you go to protect it, can be the secret sauce to making the dream a reality.

The final episode, of the #StartYourWin series focuses on all aspects of protection, with insights from Vineet Mittal, the Chairman at Avaada Group, a clean-energy company that has developed some of the world's largest and highly efficient grid-connected wind and solar power plants in India.

A social entrepreneur and pioneer of sustainable development, Vineet has been a vanguard of protecting the environment with his clean energy work in emerging economies. An alumnus of Harvard Business School, Vineet has successfully executed over 2GW of renewable energy projects and is implementing 5GW projects. His work with Avaada has played a major role in helping shape renewable energy policies for emerging economies.

“It's very essential that businesses focus on protection - and from where we operate, protection also includes business responsibly,” he said - talking about the need for protection on all aspects of working and living.

Security is more important than ever before, especially as we move into this new era of hybrid work. And as businesses wrestle with ways to keep employees and data protected as they support new ways of hybrid working, Microsoft built Windows 11 to be the most secure Windows yet, with built-in chip to cloud protection that ensures company assets stay secure no matter where work happens.

Expanding on work, work ethic, and having a positive impact, Vineet said, “Our name, Avaada , is derived from ayurveda, which is the science of life, while vada comes from promise, which means whatever we do has to have a positive impact on human life.”

“We strongly believe that energy is inversely proportional to poverty. So when you energise a society, you are not only bringing light into people's lives, but also helping them come out of poverty by making them more productive, efficient and creating a level playing field between the haves and have nots,” he added.

Empowering productivity through collaboration is also central to the all-new Windows 11 and Vineet also shared how he believes in the power of collaborative growth.

“One of the biggest benefits of collaboration is the opportunity for learning,” he said.

“A company or an organisation, is essentially a group of people who are collaborating together to achieve a larger goal. When you start collaborating with your ecosystem – suppliers, networks, partners, financial service providers and so on – your true potential gets unleashed,” he added.

Vineet also believes that when it comes to protection it’s important to start with the self.

He is a practitioner of daily meditation, yoga, vipassana and positive thinking to remain centered and energised - which he recommends to everyone as a way of self protection.

“Practicing yoga and pranayama as an integral part of life, makes us more productive and efficient. If we can also cultivate the habit of mindfulness in every action we do, then, then we can truly unleash abundance,” he says.

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