Offline Retail: Where's the money?

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In the first episode of SMBStory’s ‘Small Businesses, Big Opportunity: Lessons from MSME trenches’, Faizal Ahamed of Suxus menswear brand talks about post-lockdown strategy for the offline retail industry. He details his plans to spring back in action as soon as the lockdown ends. He also stressed upon the need to preserve cash and to use the lockdown to strengthen marketing and other operational strategies.


Faizal Ahamed

Dipti Nair
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Top moments from the video
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1 Faizal Ahamed on offline retail and how Suxus is building an online presence
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2 Faizal Ahamed talks about personal money management during COVID
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3 Faizal Ahamed talks about inventory management during COVID
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4 Suxus Founder explains the COVID precautions in place at retail stores
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