This Women’s Day, watch how this woman from Jaipur used Flipkart as a launchpad to begin her inspiring journey
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Shifting base from Mumbai to Jaipur post her wedding, Poonam Saini, a web-designer by training,  couldn’t find a job in her field of interest. With a lack of opportunities for web designing there, Poonam was at a crossroads. She had the drive to do something, and not live the life of a housewife. Both Poonam and her husband brainstormed and arrived at the idea of setting up a business. Soon, Poonam started retailing men’s footwear, kurtas, home furnishings and dupattas. However, she soon realised that offline retailing was a cash-intensive business. “I was not happy with how the business was shaping up too.”  

In India, opportunities for women in the e-commerce sector are increasing manifolds, which led Poonam to pivot her business online and she registered her business on various e-commerce platforms and started selling. 

“I got my first orders on Flipkart. Orders on the other platforms did not match up. The return ratio was high as well. Most importantly, the seller support teams weren’t responsive enough. This is where Flipkart stood out from the rest.”

Today, Poonam’s business, Daksh Online Seller Services (DOSS), has a turnover of Rs 2 Crore. “In the next six months, I hope to fulfil at least 1,000 orders a day.” But, Poonam has a bigger dream for  DOSS. “I want to start a retail chain for my in-house footwear brand ZGX and have already started working towards it. We will soon be launching our first retail store in the Sikar district in Rajasthan.”

Poonam says Flipkart has helped her grow from being an online seller to a brand owner. Reflecting on her journey, she says, “I never thought I would come this far. More importantly, it brings me immense satisfaction that I have been able to provide employment for 15 people. If not for Flipkart, I would have probably been working for someone else. Also, as a financially independent woman, I am able to support my family. All this has been possible because I discovered Flipkart at the right time and it changed my life. ”

Watch the video to see how Flipkart was instrumental in helping the first-time entrepreneur nurture a successful business.

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