YS CLUB | Beer Friday: No agenda open house event
About the session

Throughout this past highly ‘unprecedented’ year, everyone of us - as individuals, communities, and businesses - have had to rely on each other and look within ourselves to find the strength to tide over these testing times. For many of us, the pandemic forced us to learn new things, be more resilient, and take care of ourselves and our loved ones in ways we did not foresee.

But as the crisis that ensued redefined life as we knew it, we also discovered our ability to adapt to the new normal, survive the most challenging of times, evolve and even thrive amidst all the uncertainty. We were able to do this, because of the strength, empathy, and learnings we drew from each other.

And that’s why, we’re hosting our first virtual “NO AGENDA” get-together exclusively on YourStory Club at 5PM on Friday, June 18. . We’ll chat on all things -- topics, interests, and experiences -- dearest to you. From startups to the book you’re currently reading to your pet peeves or even your favourite Netflix series, this get-together will be a place for you to unwind -- to talk, listen, and rejuvenate together.

I look forward to seeing you all at this virtual get-together and to finally putting some faces to the names. :) Also, I’m excited to come in my best attire and a glass of wine for this get-together at 5PM on Friday, June 18. Will you too?

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