Holiday happiness: Here’s how to go on an armchair vacation with a travel podcast

On World Tourism Day, if you have been unable to travel due to the pandemic, here is a list of podcasts suggested by Gaana, the music streaming app that will take you on a vacation without leaving the comfort of your home

Travelling for most people means to take a break from the mundane daily tasks, explore new cultures, cuisines, and simply take a complete break from work. 

To travel is to live, laugh, and fall in love with new places.

However, 2020 has been a bit of a dampener for people’s travel plans, due to the lockdown having pushed most people to stay indoors.

Our minds have the ability to travel to faraway wondrous locations with the help of sounds, and audio OTT platforms have been quick to make the most of this trend. 

With its diverse set of offerings and genres, podcast streaming was already a rising trend in India. The pandemic has further pushed podcast consumption and according to a recent survey, audio streaming apps have seen a 42% increase in consumption since March 2020.

Today, as we celebrate World Tourism Day, here are some suggestions from Gaana, the music streaming app, of travel podcasts that will take you on a holiday without leaving the comfort of your home…

Divine Destinations

India is a land of mysticism and faith. Religion courses through its veins and each state is home to some of the most unique and ancient places of worship in the world. 

In honour of India’s myriad religions and cultural sects, Gaana has curated this podcast to take audiences on a journey through some of India’s most revered holy sites.

Through a series of 10 episodes, listeners can experience The Golden Temple’s serene divinity or the fervent chants of devotees at Mumbai's famed Isckon Temple. Each recorded sound is meant to stir the soul and transport listeners to places of devotion that are steeped in ancient tradition.

Culture Chaos

Moving to a new country is always a daunting task. For anyone who has lived away from home in a foreign country, making sense of the culture, language, and social norms would have been a challenge.

In this podcast, a young desi girl opens up about her travels and experiences as a South Asian woman in foreign lands. She talks about all the quirky misconceptions that the rest of the world has about India and what she thinks about global cultural norms, and of course, her love for Bollywood!

Ansuna Sach

For those who love to explore spooky and macabre destinations while on vacation, this podcast is perfect.

Ansuna Sach takes audiences on a journey through some of India’s unexplored and best kept haunted secrets.

Whether it is a lost cremation ground or a century-old haunted church, each episode is sure to make one’s hair stand on end. It’s a must-listen for all those who are in the mood for some spooky audio adventure!

90s ki Yaadein

Full of nostalgia-invoking 90s experiences, this one is a classic trip down memory lane. Each episode picks up one fond experience from the 90s and weaves it into an audibly delightful story.

The 90s ki Yaadein podcast brings to life experiences from what now seems like a bygone era. This podcast series holds the promise of time travelling to the past where video games meant Mario Kart and prank calling through landlines was actually a thing!

Bharat Ke Smarak

India is full of monuments that are a testament to its rich history and cultural heritage. From the Taj Mahal in Agra that dates back to the 1600s to the Bhimbetka rock shelters in Madhya Pradesh that hold evidence of early man, India is full of wonder and history.

This podcast encapsulates these fascinating histories and lesser-known facts of 15 monuments across the country. It is an ideal journey for those who have a flair for history and ancient tales.

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Edited by Asha Chowdary


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