Special invitee at Arvind Kejriwal’s swearing in ceremony: Meet Baby Kejriwal who has captured the heart of the nation

Dressed in a signature maroon sweater, white AAP cap, muffler, spectacles, and with a painted moustache toddler Avyaan Tomar is taking the internet by storm dressed as ‘Chotta Kejriwal.’

Avyaan Tomar, a little toddler dressed up as a party leader won the crowds attention and stole many hearts in the nation. And now, the AAP party announced that the toddler had been invited to the swearing in ceremony of Arvind Kejriwal next week.

The Aam Aadmi party saw a great win in this week’s legislative assembly elections, in New Delhi and the streets were flooded with supporters in white hats and waving giant flags.

But stealing the show was one-year-old Avyaan Tomar, who was dressed up by his mother to look just like Kejriwal. The toddler wore Kejriwal’s signature maroon sweater, an AAP cap, spectacles, a painted moustache, and of course a muffler, which the AAP chief always chooses to wear during Delhi winters.

People were delighted by the child’s uncanny resemblance to the leader, and netizens have given Avyaan multiple nicknames to show their endearment.

Chotta Kejriwal’ ‘Mini Mufflerman’ and ‘Baby Kejriwal’ are some of the names they have ascribed to him.

The toddler’s pictures have gone viral, on a number of social media handles, and have even reached Kejriwal himself.

Touched by the pictures, Avyaan and his family now been invited to the swearing in ceremony of the party leader.

The official twitter handle of the AAP made the announcement and said in a tweet ‘ Big Announcement: Baby Mufflerman is invited to the swearing in ceremony of @ArvindKejriwal on 16th Feb. Suit up junior!

This must be a proud moment for the parents of Avyaan as they are both strong AAP supporters. His father is Rahul Tomar a businessman and his mother's name is Mikashi.

This isn’t the first time the parents have dressed up their child during the election season, five years ago they dressed up their daughter, Fairy Tomar too.

AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal is representing the party for the third time in a row and has had yet another successful win.


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