Best of Weekender: From a bespoke furniture brand to teaching kids how to process their emotions, and more

This week, YSWeekender also brought to you stories about a social commerce app for men and tips on improving gut health and digestion for better immunity in winter.

Ask anyone setting up their own homes, and they will assure you that furniture is what makes the space come alive. And if the furniture in question is custom-made by adopting a conscious process celebrating local resources and rich traditional craftsmanship, it certainly has widespread appeal.

Delhi-based firm Mangrove Collective, described as a ‘design and build studio’, is an apt example.

The bespoke furniture design firm’s team of traditional artisans and furniture designers work in tandem with clients to achieve personalisation and ensure form over function.

d'hybrid app

Women today have a plethora of apps and websites at their disposal to choose from when in need of sartorial and other advice. However, the same can’t be said for men. This is where d’hybrid app steps in to bridge the gap.

Founded by Mumbai-based Kapil Batus in May 2021, this digital venture is a new-age, content-led fashion-tech platform aimed at urban audiences in India.

Come winter, almost everyone struggles to get past colds, coughs, and the flu. Cusps of shifting seasons are always the time of weakened immunity. The answer is not to expect it and take antibiotics for it every time. There is much you can do to support your body during these sensitive times with food and lifestyle.

You must consider two key aspects. The first is to look at foods that you need to eliminate alongside foods that you need to include. The second thing to consider is keeping your own digestive health optimal. Most of your immune system is situated within your gut. Keeping digestion robust means that you will also be keeping your immunity alive.

Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) has always been sidelined and as children retreated behind devices en masse during the pandemic, it was further relegated to the backburner.

Hyderabad-based Drishti Goenka, Mental Health Practitioner and founder of online mental health portal Journey Matters, is attempting to change this with the launch of her unique flashcards called the A-Z of You and Me, which is aimed at the social-emotional development of children.

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