Best of Weekender: From celebrating non-conventional marriages to tête-à-tête with writer Bhavani Iyer, and more

This week, YS Weekender spoke about the India Love Project, which celebrates love and marriage outside the shackles of faith, caste, ethnicity, and gender, an interview with writer Bhavani Iyer, and celebrated Father's Day with the Indian startup ecosystem.

For many inter-faith, inter-caste, interracial, and same-sex relationships in India, the path to euphoria is dotted with obstacles.

Journalists Samar Halarnkar, Priya Ramani, and Niloufer Venkatraman found it difficult to keep their heads above water when, last year, an ad by jewellery brand Tanishq celebrating communal harmony was taken down after fierce social media backlash.

That’s when they decided to celebrate non-conventional marriages and started an Instagram page ‘India Love Project’. Launched with two stories in 2020, India Love Project celebrates ‘love and marriage outside the shackles of faith, caste, ethnicity, and gender’.

Bhavani Iyer

Bhavani Iyer made her screenwriting debut with Sanjay Leela Bhansali's Black and went on to collaborate on the screenplays for Bhansali's Guzaarish, Motwane's Lootera, and the Indian version of Fox's hit show 24. She was also the writer behind the lauded spy drama Raazi. She has also written a novel, Anon, the tale of two friends and their intersecting lives.

In an interview with YourStory Weekender, Bhavani Iyer speaks about her childhood, her educational background, her decision to switch from copywriting to journalism to screenwriting, and what drives her storytelling.

He is your first best friend, your guide, your support system — he is nothing short of a “superhero.” That’s what fathers are to their kids and more. Our dads take care of everything we ask them, and their love knows no end. 

Today is Father’s Day — a day specially created to celebrate our dads, their many achievements, and to be grateful for their presence and wisdom in our lives.

YS Weekender, too, reached out to a few entrepreneurs and VCs who fondly spoke about their dads, how fatherhood has changed them, and more. 

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A common thing with many people who make several changes to their diet but do not improve their health is the lack of adequate exercise.

Do you struggle with getting disciplined about exercise? Are you one of those people who manages everything during your day except your exercise? Read here to know about some guidelines that will help you to slowly get more focused and have better discipline to exercise.

Suk Binie

First held in 1998, the iconic Rainforest World Music Festival (RWMF) has gone online with a virtual showcase this weekend. The theme of the digital experience this year is Get ‘Entranced, Liberated, Immersed’.

This year, the online musical showcase will feature a retrospective of past RWMF performances and new pre-recorded sessions with homegrown bands. 

The local lineup of artists will include Alena Murang, Kemada, Sang Rawi, At Adau, Tuku Kame, Suk Binie’, Nading Rhapsody, and Mathew Ngau. Here are some highlights from three performing bands.

Edited by Suman Singh