Best of Weekender: From a sustainable maternity brand to an animation studio producing quality content, and more

This week, YSWeekender brought to you stories about a startup that produces sustainable maternity wear, and the pros and cons of embracing a plant-based diet.

Changes in lifestyle and inspiration from the west has encouraged Indian women to look stylish while staying practical and comfortable when they are expecting.

Couple-prenuers Mitali Jaggi Sood and Samir Sood launched their organically sourced and sustainable maternity-wear line MISASO this year in response to this need.

MISASO offers styles that can be worn during pregnancy, nursing, and even after delivery, ensuring a wide appeal for its offerings.

A still from Trollhunters

Today, almost every production house employs computer-generated imagery (CGI) and visual effects (VFX) while producing content.

One of the studios meeting the demand for animation in India as well as abroad is Mumbai-based 88 Pictures. The studio offers end-to-end solutions in visual imagery and content production for feature films, direct-to-home DVDs, TV series, and new-age digital content platforms.

Founded by Milind D Shinde in 2016, the studio is behind the making of the American animated series Trollhunters that was released on Netflix, as well as the Fast n Furious movie series.

Image source: Shutterstock

Many people are embracing a plant-based diet today. A plant-based diet has always been a big part of a yoga lifestyle, and several ayurvedic practitioners suggest a largely plant-based diet for many people for optimal


Done the right way, it can be a great approach. Let’s take a run through all that might be wonderful if you do transition to this approach. Let’s also look at where you need to take caution and how you can make a plant-based approach work for you in the long term.

It's rare to see footballers engaging in trick shots in India, and even rarer in Kashmir. But Shah Huzaib, a teenager from central Kashmir’s Budgam district, has stunned people with his skills.

Shah (18) can kick a football from a long distance and through moving tyres and baskets. His shots can also knock off small bottles placed on the heads of people, and trick-shots of this nature have made this teenager a social media star.

With thousands of followers on his various social media accounts, Huzaib performs scores of trick-shots using balls of all sizes.

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Edited by Kanishk Singh