‘You can’t have a world without music’: Funnyman Cyrus Broacha speaks about boy bands and pop songs on World Music Day

Cyrus Broacha, the comedian-actor-author who will soon be hosting a new podcast series soon, talks about his favourite kind of music on World Music Day which falls on June 21

Cyrus Broacha

Cyrus Broacha, the entertainment wiz who held audiences in splits with his inimitable show, Bakra on MTV and The World That Wasn’t, has worn many hats during his career. Besides being a TV host and comedian known for his comic genius, he is also a theatre personality, political satirist, columnist and podcaster. Apart from this, he has also pranked pedestrians, left his audience roaring with laughter, covered news, performed stand-up, written columns, published a book and appeared in films.

And now, Cyrus will be hosting a podcast series on Gaana in collaboration with the learning platform Unacademy which has partnered with the music streaming app, Gaana to unveil ‘Let’s Crack it with Cyrus Broacha’.

This podcast series promises to entertain and motivate students with chats between host Cyrus Broacha and his special guests. Conceived, scripted and produced by Gaana Studios the show sees will also some of the most well-known personalities in the hot seat - ranging from founder and frontman of Indian Pop band Euphoria, Dr Palash Sen to TVF’s iconic Creative Head, Biswapati Sarkar. Young learners will get a once-in-a-lifetime peek into the foibles of some of the most successful creative minds in the country, while relishing Cyrus’s unabashed wit.

In an interaction with Cyrus on World Music Day, an annual music celebration that takes place on June 21, he spoke about his own favourite kind of music and how it has evolved over time.

Every year, on World Music Day people are urged to play music outside in their neighbourhoods or in public spaces and parks and free concerts are organised for music lovers. This year, due to the lockdown and the pandemic, most concerts have moved online and people are opting for online music streaming platforms to celebrate the day.

Here's what Cyrus had to say about his new podcast and how online music and entertainment platforms may last long after the lockdown is over…

Edited excerpts from the interview…

YSWeekender: Can you tell us about World Music Day and why it is so important especially during these times?

Cyrus Broacha: Shakespeare said “Music is the food of love”. (By the way, he was in class with me.) With the world in crisis, love through music has never been needed more.

YSW: What kind of motivation does the podcast 'Let's Crack it' provide? What are some of the motivational messages one can adapt from it?

CB: Unacademy’s partnership for Let’s Crack it! with the music streaming app - Gaana promises to entertain and motivate students with eccentric yet insightful chats between me and my guests. The podcast has a very important message.

Exams may be critically serious, but stress can be controlled. In a sense, be serious about it but find a way to tackle exams. Adapt different ways, methods, and protocols and above all, reduce the stress. Listen to the podcast on Gaana to bid adieu to your stress right away.

YSW: What do you think of the music scene today and how has it evolved over the years for you?

CB: Music is like energy and it can’t be destroyed, it just keeps evolving. Who isn’t a fan? Different mediums have arrived and music just fits in. It is just like Virat Kohli adapting his batting to different conditions (sorry but I really miss live cricket)

YSW: What kind of music do you enjoy?

CB: I like the oldies. I liked them when I was young and I still like them now that I’m youngish. Will like it years from now when I am not so young. Additionally, music of the 60 s both Hindi and English love that era. The era of love.

YSW: What is your opinion of online concerts?

CB: Arrey bhai, Zamaana toh aisa hai. It’s the way of the digital world. You don’t have to dress up or find parking. All you need to do is sit in one place. So, there are lots of pros and cons but even post COVID I believe online concerts are here to stay.

YSW: Your opinion on the popularity of music streaming apps amid lockdown?

CB: It is obvious that music streaming apps are enjoying a bonanza during the lockdown. But again, I think post once we go back to our old lives, I think all these apps will still retain popularity as we now have a taste for it.

YSW: In India, which kind of music is the most popular in Western music?

CB: My personal tastes are found in museums. If you look around, American hip hop and the pop genre still is the most popular. Personally, if I see another boy band, I may have to choke myself though.

YSW: How do you find our local singers and composers changing? Are they being influenced by the west or are they gaining inspiration from local sounds?

CB: We cannot spend too much time being complexed about "inspiration”. The world is global so is the art world. There is a lot of give and take in music.

YSW: How has the journey been for you from your show Bakra on MTV to The Week that Wasn't to now?

CB: I started with MTV and now let’s see where it ends. As the hair falls there's always podcasts. But seriously, there is so much more work available now, thanks to the digital world.

YSW: What advice would you give budding musicians and entertainers?

CB: Just an old MTV saying “free your mind “. And back yourself. And always carry tissue paper.

YSW: What do you think the future holds for music in India? What are your own plans for the future after the lockdown?

CB: Music is unbreakable whether in India or worldwide. You can’t have a world without music. It’s not allowed.

Different mediums and streams will evolve but music will always rock on. For me, I have a lot of plans post lockdown. But first, let’s hope I can complete the projects that got postponed due to the lockdown. If nothing works. Then who knows. Politics?