Style statements: Here are some changes the fashion industry will see in the post-COVID era

As the pandemic continues people have modified their wardrobes to suit the new normal. But how will the fashion scene change in the post-COVID era? Get ready for a new world of fashion, says the founder of the fashion startup, IS.U.

Every industry has been gravely affected by the COVID-19 outbreak forcing the sectors from factories to retailers to close their shutters for an indefinite period of time. As for the fashion industry, it has gone through several layers of changes in the last few months.

The coronavirus crisis may have crippled the functioning of the industry, but not its spirit.

Here are some of the changes we can expect in the post-COVID era…

Comfort wear

Comfortable clothes will never go out of fashion

The industry has introduced itself to a new form of fashion while acclimatising to the current scenario.

As work-from-home has become the new normal now, women are opting for fashion pieces that are easy, breezy, and comfortable to wear, while keeping a style quotient in mind.

In the early 1970s, it was proclaimed that there should be no rules in the fashion game which resulted in a decade of fashion that was full of freedom and expression. Styles like print-on-print, denim, colour blocking, athleisure, floral and flowy silhouettes, loungewear, polka dots became popular during those times.

All these trends are making a strong comeback now and are definitely going to be in demand for a while. Clothing with multifunctional value will stay on top of the popularity charts.

Transitional attire

Prints and textures will be trendy all year

Apart from comfort, which will be the focal point of fashion even in the post-COVID era, people will opt for easy and breathable styles that come in baggy, slouchy, and pyjama fits. People will look for clothes that will help you transition easily between work and home wear.

Dressing up for video calls with friends, virtual dates and for work from home calls will require stylish attire all week. Fashion designers will begin to cater to this trend.

Eco-friendly fashion

Currently, fashion designers are focusing on eco-friendly, sustainable, and trans-seasonal closet choices. Wardrobe pieces that that can be repeated and reused in multiple ways without skipping a style beat will be in demand in the post COVID era.

Local homegrown brands and sustainable clothing will also be popular going forward. Designers will focus on preserving our natural resources and understanding the artisanal value of garments.

Not every brand can afford to have a 100% sustainable collection and not every consumer is looking to buy sustainable clothing.

While it is great for the environment and despite the fact that consumers care a lot about going green now as compared to other generations, can everyone afford a 25%-30% premium in the price? The answer is definitely no. There will still be demand for non-sustainable fashion, but it will become critical for brands to cater to the needs of the audience and what are they specifically looking for.

Colours and minimalism

Simple styles will take precedence over formal attire

While people are exploring and looking for something different, one can choose to play with soft energy by introducing pastels with some bold colours to define the season.

The favourites that we are already working with are baby blue, pink, lavender, and yellow. These colours are so buttery, comfy and calming that they will suit the current sentiments of the day.

People will choose minimalistic pieces and simplicity will take centre stage.

Stylish masks get trendy

Women have found ways to look fashionable despite the pandemic

Due to the pandemic, masks are making a new fashion statement and will be around for long time, even in the post COVID era.

Masks will take a snazzy spin this year and will be designed in all kinds of fabrics, prints, colours and textures. Some may even flaunt quirky quotes and interesting prints.

Personalised masks will also be in vogue as they will be customised to suit you.

Connect with emotions

It will be very important for brands to emotionally connect with consumers and convey messaging in emotions. Gone are the days where one could lure the customers with discounts, they will need to do a lot more than this now. It is the time for brands to develop a personality and have a conversation with their customers.

Fashion trends tend to vary as the world emerges from the global quarantine. Post-COVID, people will adopt a more positive approach towards their choice of buying and would like to invest in quality wardrobe-essentials.

The fashion sector will have to modify their strategies and create designs in a more responsible manner.

Let’s hope the industry successfully spreads more cheer and positive vibes w in a pandemic-free world.

(Picture credits: Shutterstock and IS.U fashion)

Edited by Asha Chowdary

(Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of YourStory.)