HBO Max is all set to launch this month

HBO Max a direct to consumer video service is all set to launch globally at the end of the month, showcasing all your favourite TV shows and feature films in one place.

With the lockdown keeping us indoors, and the feeling of gloom and uncertainty that overshadows from time to time, there is exciting news on the horizon, and something to look forward to for movie lovers this month.

There is a new television streaming service that will be hitting the market soon, HBO Max from Warner Media. It will be competing with the likes of Disney Hotstar, Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu and all the top names in the streaming galaxy.

HBO Max is guaranteed to have something for citizens of every age group, from toddlers to teenagers and adults. From unscripted and scripted TV shows, all time classic movies, animated series, competition shows, documentaries, you name it and it is all going to be here in one place.

HBO Max launches this May. (Image Credit: fayettevilleflyer)

Global with Plenty to Offer

Set to release at the end of the month, on May 27th, the cost of HBO Max will vary in different countries. When the streaming service launches, there is also a lucky offer for regular HBO Now subscribers, as they can switch over to Max for the same monthly price, but only if they're directly subscribed through

If you're subscribed to HBO Now through a third-party, the HBO Max FAQ says to 'stay tuned for more details'. The same notice is currently being issued for those subscribed to HBO through a cable or TV provider. 

In addition, subscribers can also access HBO Max through Apple TV, and it is also available on Android, Chromecast, and Android TV.

HBO Max will include over 10,000 hours of premium content and over 2000 feature films. (Image Credit: ReviewGeek)

What will set it apart?

HBO Max will include over 10,000 hours of premium content on the day of its launch, and will include top content from all around the world.

Apart from many original series and specials, the platform will showcase a library of over 2,000 feature films in the upcoming year ahead.

Some of the blockbuster hits they will start with include ‘Crazy Rich Asians,’ ‘Joker’ ‘A Star is Born,’ Casablanca,’ ‘Citizen Kane,’ The Lego Movies, and every DC film from the last decade such as Wonder Woman, Justice League, and all the Batman and Superman movies released in the last 40 years.

Other Family friendly movies, which will be available at the launch, include Oscar winning animated Japanese films such as 'My neighbor Totoro’ and ‘Spirited Away.’

Popular TV series that will be available include Friends, Doctor Who, The Big Bang Theory, Gossip Girl, South Park and the Rick and Morty series amongst others.

HBO Max will be receiving its content from an extensive content library comprising of Warner Brothers, New Line, DC, CNN, TNT, TBS, Cartoon Network, Looney Tunes, and TCM to name a few.

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