Doing up your home soon? These design trends are likely to dominate 2020

Houzz India, a platform for home remodelling and design, researched the home design trends most likely to dominate in 2020.

A home is more than just the walls that define the space. It is where much of your story unfolds, it is where relationships are nurtured and emotions are experienced. It is a deeply personal space, a reflection of who you really are.

The design of that space has a profound impact on us. It has the capacity to excite, disturb, and cheer. It often determines how we react to situations and behave in general. The vibe of a well-designed home can help us think better and lead a fuller life.

Accordingly, Houzz India, a platform for home remodelling and design, researched the home design trends most likely to dominate in 2020. Houzz collates information from a community of millions of homeowners and over 2.4 million active home remodelling and design professionals.

Houzz browsed through hundreds of home design photos, re-read past articles, and interviewed professional designers to create a collection of materials, colours, and other design ideas likely to be in focus in 2020.

Here are the top 10 décor trends to dominate in the coming year:

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Brick accent walls in bedrooms

The kitchen is no longer the most focused part of the house. It’s the bedroom, the most personal space in the house, that is most thought about now. While accent walls behind beds are not new, a daisy-white exposed brick effect – either bare bricks or wallpapers – is becoming very popular.

Glossy surfaces in kitchens

It’s time to shine. Gleaming countertops and lustrous cabinet finishes are popular, and they won’t be limited to the kitchen either. The trend will extend to the bedroom through glossy laminates, mirrors, and glass as the materials of choice for wardrobe doors. 

Making a statement with entryways

It’s the first thing you see when you enter the house, so no wonder it’s getting some attention. Accent walls, mirrors, consoles, statement lights, and carpeting will be used to give it character and make a first impression.

Seating nooks, floating desks in bedrooms

Think stylish, sink-in couches and chair arrangements. As an increasing number of people work from home or carry work home, we foresee floating shelves in bedrooms being used as work desks.

In fact, more than 70 percent of renovating homeowners are investing in improving functionality in their home spaces.

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Mix ‘n’ match patterns on dining chairs

No more boring one-tone dining chairs, 2020 is all about colours and patterns. Many designers are mixing and matching fabric upholstery, throwing old rules out of the window to blend block colours, florals, chevron, and basketweave patterns.

Partially open kitchens

Fully open kitchens are still not that common, but homeowners will look to partially integrate them into living areas through half walls, glass doors, and other design interventions like opening up the entrance point.

CNC cut materials are in vogue

Complexity isn’t always a bad thing. Complex designs fashioned on metal, veneers, and MDF by CNC routers for doors, wooden wall panels, furniture, mouldings, space dividers, and jali partitions are in.

Backlighting for accent pops

Drama and depth can be added to make the walls, shelves, and bathrooms more exciting. All you need to do is tuck away the source of light behind the object in question to achieve a more interesting space.

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Wooden slats to partition the living area

Many homeowners are looking to create zones without building cumbersome, bulky walls. Enter the warmth of wood that is also great for visual connectivity.

Grey sofas

It’s one of the most versatile colours in the spectrum. Grey can anchor any colour scheme and inject sophistication to the mix. No wonder designers and homeowners love it.

These are what next year’s homes will be all about. If you’re thinking about designing a living space soon, make sure you keep these in mind to keep up with the times.

(Edited by Megha Reddy)


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