Home improvement: Here's how to give your house a makeover during the lockdown

As we spend more time in the house due to self-quarantine or due to work from home directives, it is a good time to refurbish all the rooms. Here are some tips on how to transform your home during the lockdown

The lockdown has forced us to balance our time more thoughtfully. Most of us are indulging in new indoor activities or re-discovering long-lost hobbies that we have been trying to do amidst our busy schedules.

While we are also practising newer ways to pamper ourselves, how about paying some attention and showing some love to our home as well? After all, it has become a place where we are spending all our time. Therefore, caring for our home is also an important job as it directly impacts our personal well-being.

The lockdown period is a good time for home improvement

We bring you different ways of refurbishing your space with as much love and devotion required to make your home look as attractive as possible...

Pep up the living room

During this quarantine period, the relationship between your interiors and its influence on your body or mind can be worked upon to create an energetic and healthy environment.

Black and white themed living rooms are very chic

Since, our living rooms have become the new hangout spot, how about we give a quick cleansing and makeover to revitalise the surroundings?

With as dynamic as a combination of black and white, you can treat your walls with a hint of classic drama. Re-arrange your stuff neatly so that you can easily reach anything you might need. Use homemade scented candles as fragrances in the living room to instantly enliven your mood as it makes for a great decorative piece too.

Everyone is putting all their efforts to maintain personal and environmental hygiene to stay safe at home. Therefore, one can opt for veneers that are eco-friendly yet durable and those that do not have any harmful impact on your health or surroundings.

Lastly, pair net or transparent curtains which can also be made from already available bedsheets or other light fabrics. This will allow sunlight to illuminate your interiors and infuse a new look to the room.

Transform the Bedroom

The bedroom requires a lot of light and colour

Your bedroom is more than just a sleeping area. It is also a place where you and your family kickstart a fresh day or unwind, so it needs to be upbeat yet comfortable.

If you are looking to transform your room into a charismatic escapade with minimal efforts, then your main ingredient is ‘lustre’. This comes from light from various sources which can make your interiors stand out from the rest of the rooms.

Moreover, remember to strike the right balance with your metallics or other shiny ornaments in the room. Bring out a sheen of silver or the glam of gold by using the right shades of threads in your pillow covers and blankets. To keep this look subtle, opt for bedsheets in neutral shades like beige or light brown with shiny highlights.

Due to the current situation and the shift in our lifestyles, individuals have become more health conscious than ever before. Due to this, the demand for hygienic and germ-free surfaces such as antibacterial laminates that can retard the growth of up to 99.99% bacteria have significantly increased.

Declutter your space with refined and warm bedding. The room will become extra-special with a blissful décor like this!

Add warm accessories

Beautiful accessories can transform a house

A calm and soothing décor holds the power to fill the room with positive vibes. It emits emotions of happiness and satisfaction for the days when you crave for some time to relax from a hectic day. Go for a neutral colour palette to create a cosy vibe that separates it from the rest of the home. It will also seamlessly blend with the beauty and warmth of engineered wooden floors that are eco-friendly and easy to maintain.

Accessorise with softs rugs, linen pillows and a snuggly quilt to weave a peaceful oasis of your own. Complete this look by putting gemstones and beads in glass bowl as a statement piece for your table.

While the world has been talking about practising wellness and self-care, a house needs a little improvement and maintenance too and with these tips, you can transform your home during the lockdown.

Edited by Asha Chowdary

(Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of YourStory.)


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