Big fat Indian wedding: Décor trends for the season

Wedding in the family? Here are some top trends and ideas in wedding décor for the season from an entrepreneur who specialises in luxury weddings

Whether a wedding is a big fat celebration or an intimate affair, it is now more personal than it used to be. Couples are looking at themes and customisations to make their wedding more true to themselves and their romantic journey.

The inspiration of themes for their big day could come from their favourite movies, shows or memories. To say that nothing is off limits would be an understatement and to make a wedding more personal and stand out from the rest, wedding planners and couples must be aware of what’s trendy and new in the market.

So, let’s take a look at some of the top wedding décor trends for 2019!

Cool ceilings

Beautiful lighting is the norm in weddings today

What is an Indian wedding without the magic of lights? There are a multitude of options to consider, like a drizzle of fairy lights across the ceiling or cage lanterns that offer an ethereal effect.

Chandeliers are classic and are an eternal favourite. Paper lanterns are beautiful too.

Luxe is the key

Luxurious weddings are here to stay. Source: Shutterstock

Indian weddings are usually a once in a lifetime extravaganza.

Those who aspire to emulate royalty could use luxurious fabrics as backdrops or across the ceilings. The fabrics could also feature Warli or Bandhani work.

Can it be cane?

Cane furniture is being used extensively in weddings

Cane furniture is enjoying a moment in the sun.

This year, cane pieces are being extensively used in weddings, as they lend a compelling elegance to the entire set up and also create a classy vibe.

Interestingly, both cane and wooden furniture can add a rustic feel to the venue and would be the perfect choice for those who prefer earthy undertones in the décor.

Bring out the antique props

Ancient props find pride of place. Source: Shutterstock

Parents and older relatives may be surprised, but millennial couples really seem to dig retro décor ideas.

Drinks are served in mason jars in some weddings. Source: Shutterstock

You can place the wedding cake or flowers on an antique sewing machine table. Cocktails can be served in pickle jars or mason jars.

A vintage theme could also include bird cages, beaten metal vases, chandeliers, old photographs of parents or childhood snapshots of the couple and mirrors with Victorian frames.

Say it with statuettes

Statues can be placed at strategic places at a wedding. Source: Shutterstock

Animal statuettes are stylish and intriguing.

Each statuette has a story associated with it. These statuettes may be placed all around the hall or in the space where the wedding will take place.

Decorative mirrors, especially the ones that are hand painted, present a timeless backdrop.

Leaves and grass

Pampas grass can be used as decoration. Source: Shutterstock

Pampas grass is a decorative plant which every outdoor wedding needs. Pampas grass can be placed at the entry or down the aisle at the venue. It could even be used in the bouquet or in other unexpected ways.

Tropical leaves look edgy and are suitable for summer or tropical weddings. They could be used as a backdrop too. You can also use tropical leaves as place holders by lettering names or numbers on them.

Get some quirky signage

Quirky signages can be placed all over the place at a wedding venue. However, they can also be functional. For instance, they could point guests towards the bathroom or the bar. One could also etch romantic messages on them and place them on the tables. They can also be used as props by the guests and the couple while posing for photographs.

Colour light, colour bright

Colourful weddings are becoming very trendy. Source: Shutterstock

Functions such as the mehendi and the sangeet can be livened up by decorating the venue with bright colours such as yellow, pink, red, orange, purple and light blue.

The tents, drapes, table covers and chair covers can be an amalgamation of these colours. You can even add a carnival-like vibe by adding twirls and frills on the fabrics or on the paper decorations.

Incorporating these trends can transform your wedding into an occasion to remember. Your loved ones are likely to enjoy the venue to the fullest and your guests will be left awestruck. Since the wedding season is yet to arrive, you have enough time to include some of these trends for your wedding. So, go ahead and make your wedding checklist and add these décor ideas to them.