Life after lockdown: 10 habits we will continue to follow all year round

From meal planning and preparation, to managing children’s online classes, and spending quality time with pets, these coronavirus lockdown habits are here to stay.
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With coronavirus here to stay indefinitely, and the number of cases increasing in India and globally day by day, taking precautionary methods and creating new lockdown habits has become the new normal.

India has 381K confirmed cases at the moment and the numbers are rising in hot zones and leading states such as Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and New Delhi with massive one day to weekly spikes.

We have all come to terms with the situation, and have been adjusting our lifestyles around this highly infectious disease.

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From working at home and avoiding crowded office spaces, public restaurants, and thinking twice before we head for our grocery shopping, and taking a moment to stop and put on our protective gear, we are doing all we can to stay safe and healthy.

YS Weekender brings you 10 lockdown habits that we will continue to adopt and practise all year round, even after the lockdown.

Personal hygiene and hand washing etiquette

Most people believe that we will continue to wash our hands throughout the day, when touching surfaces at home or handling raw food or after using the bathroom.

Every time we step out to do grocery shopping, we will keep a sanitiser in our vehicle handy, and use it immediately when we are back.

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We will not forget to sing 'Happy Birthday' twice or recite the entire alphabet when washing hands thoroughly with clean water and soap, and using a personal towel and sanitiser rather than sharing one with others.

We will be compelled to keep up our personal hygiene by grooming our hair, clipping nails and keeping them short so that bacteria does not collect frequently.

We will stay fresh and active throughout the day just as we would if we would in our offices or heading outdoors.

Reading our favourite books/ browsing web series

Since the lockdown occurred people have been able to spend a lot more time doing things they love such as reading books or watching entertaining films.

They will continue to turn to their favourite books, music playlists, podcasts and web series when they feel overwhelmed or anxious as an escape outlet, as these activities offer comfort and solace during these trying times.

Some people will continue to watch video games or attend informative webinars and workshops or take up online courses.

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Meal planning and preparation

With a number of Individuals stocking up on grocery items, the shelves in the grocery stores might not have everything you desire, meal planning and preparation within families has become essential.

Planning what to cook for each meal, and checking whether you have the necessary items will become a daily ritual.

Making a plan for your cook (if she lives nearby) or for yourself and pinning it up on the fridge or writing what to prepare everyday in a notebook is a habit that is here to stay.

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Sourcing the right vegetables and fruits and making sure they come from trusted outlets is extremely important as you wouldn’t want to risk infection when buying or utilising any product.

Practising gratitude and turning to faith

Turning to a higher presence in whatever religion you might practise is highly reassuring during this unprecedented time.

Praying in the morning when you wake up and when you go to sleep at night will leave believers feeling positive and content.

Counting all you have and being grateful for being safe during the lockdown is something that we will continue to do, even after the lockdown is lifted.

Wishing well for the frontline workers, medical staff and those suffering can encourage them during this difficult time.

For some maintaining a gratitude journal or documenting their experience can prove to be therapeutic.

Communicating with loved ones through Zoom call, Skype and WhatsApp

Keeping in touch with your friends and loved ones not only makes you feel more secure, but helps the other person too, since they will know that they aren’t alone.

With social distancing measures in place and citizens not being able to attend important milestones, weddings, birthdays, and other group events, turning to virtual outlets are the only way in which we can interact with other people.

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Events are now being held on Zoom, and contacting people overseas can be done on WhatsApp Video Call or Skype, which are completely free of cost.

This is bound to continue even after the lockdown as people will remember the importance of staying in touch.

Working from home and prioritising daily exercise

With the shutting down of gyms, stadiums, and outdoor arenas, working out and getting in our daily bout of exercise is taking a hit.

Citizens are now working out from home, using their own body weight, purchasing functional training equipment and free weights, utilising the stairs, cycling, going for morning walks and finding other ways to keep fit.

Exercising and staying healthy with the limited equipment and resources we have is going to be the new normal, till gyms and public spaces open up again.

Managing children’s online school classes with a set schedule

With schools and universities shut till the next academic year, classes have all gone online, and there is an influx of webinars.

Prioritising both our children’s schoolwork and our own office work is a tricky challenge, however it is safe to say that people have been handling this extremely well.

Not to forget, with families at home, and staying indoors, permanent weekly schedules are now being set in place. This habit of creating schedules will continue long after the lockdown as it has become an important habit for most of us.

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Spending quality time with pets

Pets have definitely benefitted the most owing to the lockdown, as they feel more secure with their owners being at home.

They are getting more attention, love, and being taken out more often than if their companions were at work.

This quality time with pets is a huge bonus for animal lovers, and they get to strengthen their bond during this time, and be more present. This bonding will continue for a long time to come.


A number of individuals are tending more to their home gardens, and re-decorating and organising these spaces.

While some have picked up gardening during the lockdown and worked on this skill, others are venturing into this new territory.

Since social distancing measures are still in place, and you can’t go out in public as much as you like to, home gardens and balconies have become a safe haven for some people.

Sitting amidst the lush green plants, and watching your hard work come to life is something that makes you feel happy and fulfilled, and we will see more of this hobby all year round.

Safety measures while stepping out

This goes without saying, PPE and taking adequate safety measures when interacting with individuals and colleagues (for those back in office,) is sure to continue, till the number of coronavirus cases go down, and the curve flattens.

The experience of the lockdown has shown us the importance of prioritising our health and being careful every time we step out.

We are sure to think twice about our old habits and we will be more careful and considerate about other people in society.

Edited by Asha Chowdary


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