Men's style guide: Seven ways to look fashionable this summer

Have you been wondering what to wear to work this week? Or planning a holiday wardrobe? Here are the top men's fashion trends for 2020

From soft suits, sturdy waistcoats, to Cuban collared shirts and multipurpose cross body bags, men have a wide range of attire to choose from this year.

As men become more selective and fashion-conscious, it is imperative to stay up to date with the styles of the season. YS Weekender brings you seven of the most trending outfits for men this year.

Suit up with a sherwani

Originally worn by Mughal rulers, sherwanis look like button down coats and can be worn over a kurta and teamed with a churidar.

Sherwanis are making a style statement this season (Image Credit: (left) Sabyasachi on Facebook,

Sherwanis come in a number of different colours, cuts and styles. They are easy and comfortable to wear, and many men say that it makes them feel like royalty. Sherwanis are perfect for weddings and special occasions.

Certain states like Punjab, Rajasthan and Andhra use unique designs and prints, specific to the state culture, when they design sherwanis.

Ragini Singh, founder and creative head of Minty by Ragini, a sustainable clothing brand, says, “Safa and Pagdi headgears in floral prints are major trend setters at weddings. They add a lot of oomph to even a simple sherwani or kurta and make a great gender-neutral fashion statement.

Go sheer this summer

Sheer shirts are perfect for hot summers, beaches, and lounging around. Not only are they extremely chic, but they are also quite comfortable to wear.

Sheer shirts are essentially see-through or semi–transparent apparel, made from chiffon, gauze or georgette material. They come in a number of colours and funky prints, such as floral sheers and animal prints. Neon coloured sheers are currently trending, as well as striped sheer tops, and leather adornments.

Sheer tops are great for the summer, and showing off your toned Abs. Image Credit (left): Pinterest,

Wearing sheers to show off your toned abs is must this summer, and it is a go-to for men wanting to flaunt their tattoos or their six-pack bodies.

Why not a waistcoat?

Waistcoats are wonderful when it comes to highlighting a man’s build and frame. It makes you look lean, sophisticated and ready to get down to business.

You cannot go wrong when you choose to wear a waistcoat as you can pair it with formal western full-sleeved shirts, suits and Indian kurtas. Waistcoats are also perfect when it comes to layering in cold weather as they can keep your chest warm. They come in various materials but opting for linen, corduroy, wool, brushed cotton, and silk waistcoats are your best bet.

Soft suits everyday

Soft suits are currently trending, as they are not only comfortable but also easy to wear to work every day.

Gone are the days when men faced problems when it came to getting the right suit. Today there are companies that offer customised suits that can be made to order. Soft suits that come without shoulder padding offer a sleek silhouette. They can be worn with formal shirts and almost always look stylish.

They also come in a number of colours and designs and are quite sturdy. You can couple your soft suit with trousers, jeans or formal pants.

Everyday suits are gaining more prominence. (Image Credit: Left: We heart it, trendspotter)

If you want to wear a soft suit for a special occasion, you can bling it up with various accessories.

“Men’s fashion I have noticed is very season based, however, the trend this year is men choosing comfortable clothing over more fashionable clothing,” says Shilpa Sethi, founder of Dapper, a multi-designer menswear store in Calcutta. “Men are opting for blazers without shoulder pads, and accessories such as lapel pins, pocket squares to make their suits look quirky.”

Cuban collared shirts

Going retro is certainly coming back to style, and the Cuban collared shirt, also known as the camp collar shirt, is back in fashion.

Cuban collared shirts look great, when tucked into trousers with a belt or when worn over jeans. Pair a Cuban collared shirt with a light blazer and you will be all set to turn heads at work. For a more casual look wear the shirt with Bahama shorts if you are going to the beach or taking a road trip with friends.

Cuban collared shirts are comfortable and stylish to step out in. (Image Credit:Left: Pinterest, Jankiawaz)

Cuban shirts also look great with Hawaiian, floral and animal-striped prints. Throw on a pair of aviator sunglasses and you are all set.

Tie & dye or patchwork?

Only very few men can pull off a tie-and-dye shirt, but it is trending nevertheless, and is for those adventurous folks who are always looking to experiment and try something new. Tie and dye shirts are great for everyday wear, going out and about on city streets and for travel. These shirts look perfect when teamed with jeans and dark coloured trousers.

Tie and Dye is trending world over. Image Credit:

The great part about tie-and-dye shirts is that you can even design these shirts in your own home, rather than shopping for high-end brands.

Another trend that is making waves this year is the “Patchwork “outfits which come in various unique styles and designs.

Patchwork is bold, confident and comes in many unique designs. Image Credit:

Get ready to accessorise

Who says girls get to have all the fun? Men do too! And this year, they can choose from wide range of accessories to enhance their wardrobe.

Some of the trending accessories for men are:

Pocket Squares- Pocket squares can be made of silk, cotton, and wool. A pocket square with a unique print or bold colour is a must when it comes to accessorising a suit. It makes you look sophisticated and smart and can add a pop of colour to a dark suit.

Bows, and lapel pins- Bows are charming and tell their own story, and when they are worn with the right suit, they can do wonders. It has the same smart factor as a pocket square, and can be worn on many a special occasion.

Accessories can make ordinary outfits extraordinary. Image Credit (Clockwise),,

Lapel pins come in various patterns and is a way to add a little bling to an ordinary outfit. For men who enjoy wearing jewellery, placing a lapel pin on your suit is certainly a style statement. It can also be worn in support of an organisation or to support a cause you believe in.

Cross body bags – Cross body bags are back in fashion and can be worn with any outfit. They are highly functional and can store all the items that you may need during the day. You can opt for sporting brands that create cross body bags or go for a saddled leather look.

Suede shoes -Comfortable and easy to wear for long hours, suede shoes always look good. You can pair them with both Indian wear and western wear. Joffers, which are made of suede, go very well with sherwanis and are perfect for young grooms. Pair them with a casual shirt to look sophisticated and fashionable.

(Edited by Asha Chowdary)


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