Salil Jamdar’s art-based and creative content with a tinge of humour

In a recent conversation with YourStory’s Influencers Inc, Salil Jamdar who is extremely popular for music, shares his journey as a creator and discusses the basics of content creation and how the space is expanding.

A shining name in the creator’s space, Salil Jamdar, is the king of parodies. He is a creator who makes music videos and funny content for his audience. With an informed sense of humour and an eye for art, Salil has been creating film-based parody content since the beginning of his career.

Salil shares that his journey has been a little different from other creators as he started out as an engineer and then he joined film school to study acting and film-making.

“Being an outsider, you don’t really get an opportunity directly into the industry that’s why I kind of chose YouTube to showcase my talent,” he says.

He adds that it is great that these days, people get a chance to showcase their talent on their own. Salil is doing a web series called Saala Salil which is eventually taking him to where he had always wanted to be.

Speaking about the planning process for his content, he mentions that he doesn’t really follow a content calendar per se. His content is more art-based or film-based and it does not necessarily come out every three or four days.

Salil Jamdar | Source: Instagram

“You could call them short films which have music and songs in them in a way like a mini-film,” he says. He believes that art cannot be constrained with time and hence he does not have a strict schedule.

“I cannot completely have a schedule of every three days because that will hamper my creativity,” he says. He explains that currently, he is shooting for Saala Salil and therefore a lot of things-acting, writing, shooting, editing- is happening at the same time which is a little difficult.

Commenting on the buzz around short-form content, Salil says that such content requires creativity. “Many people can use it in many ways,” he says. He, as a singer and actor, tries to channel his ability in that format. He also picks up pieces from his longer videos to make short-form content for his social media. “There are little messages that I give through comedy, music in my longer format videos so I can always cut these little parts or snippets and put them out,” he says.

Salil says that he is more of a YouTuber than an influencer. He primarily makes longer format content which is for YouTube. In all honesty, he says that he has never been really good at social media to an extent that when he started getting famous people told him to open and maintain social media accounts.

However, he says that it is important to handle and maintain a good social media presence as it adds to a person’s profile as a creator.

Talking about the concept of branding and collaboration, he says that earlier there used to be just cricketers and Bollywood celebrities, which has changed now with the overwhelming number of influencers in the space.

“I think all of these people should be really careful and responsible as to what they sell to their audience because there is everything out there,” he says. He believes that being an influencer comes with some responsibilities and people should take that title seriously.

In the rapid-fire round of the interview conducted by Influencers Inc, Salil shares his favourite creator, parody ideas and a lot of other interesting facts about himself.

Edited by Affirunisa Kankudti