Working from home? Here's how you can set up your home office during the coronavirus outbreak

As thousands of employees are opting to work from home due to the coronavirus pandemic, YSWeekender takes a look at some innovative stay-at-home workstations

The Coronavirus outbreak has a lot of resemblance to the Spanish Flu that took place in 1918.

COVID-19 is spreading among nations at an alarming pace. There is only one way to contain it, and this is through 'social distancing'. Working from home, imposing self-quarantine, and placing sick people in isolation are some of the ways that individuals can save others and themselves.

Many companies are allowing their employees to work from home

Social distancing is the only way to stop and slow down the spread of a highly contagious disease.

Social distancing measures have been taken to restrict where people gather so that the spread of diseases through contact are prevented. This includes cancelling large gatherings such as concerts and public events, closing office buildings, shopping malls and air-conditioned grocery stores.

Giant corporates are encouraging their employees to work from home, so that they can keep the numbers of individuals falling sick in check. Meetings are being carried out virtually through Hangouts, Skype, and Face Time calls. Company events that have been scheduled for this month are being put on hold, till the coronavirus spread is contained.

YSWeekender takes a look at citizens across the globe who are adjusting to the corona outbreak by working from home.

Shoba Narayan an author, journalist and content creator says,

“I think we are at a crossroads as a country and the larger world with regards to how we view careers and the workplace. I think the corona virus has forced us to pause and figure out how we run businesses, how we travel and how we treat each other, and most important of all how we treat the world and the species present in this world. I think this will be a reset for careers and it may also prompt the invention of new technologies.”

Mathew Chandy managing director of Duroflex says,

"We encourage working from home, because the safety of our people comes first! When business is in full swing, we rarely find time to pause and think about issues that really matter. Working from home has saved me a lot of time commuting and has given me a chance to think out of the box."

Karishma Hegde a consultant who works at a leading corporate in Bangalore says,

‘I think it is a wise decision for companies to take precautionary measures and encourage work from home during the corona outbreak.

As citizens from all over the world get ready to work from home, here are some of their makeshift workstations. Check out the innovative ways they have made their homes and surroundings conducive and beautiful for a day of work....


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