Ravindra Chaturvedi, Founder, Ravindra Chaturvedi & Co., Mumbai

Thursday September 11, 2008,

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Your business is our business, and how

Planning at times doesn't help; destiny does. And Ravindra Chaturvedi, a chartered accountant by profession,wrote his destiny by helping his clients in drawing blueprints, land deals, helping in bank finance, looking after project management etc. Owner of two financial services firms today, he tells YourStory that his growth is synonymous with the growth of his clients.

My story

I didn't exactly plan to start out on my own. It was more like one thing led up to another, and another. I am from Gwalior and after finishing my CA course, came to Mumbai with all of Rs 1,500. I was lucky enough to get a job in an audit firm called Chaturvedi & Shah within 3 hours of landing in Mumbai.

One day, one of our clients was planning to set up a factory in Daman and asked me to help him out with the planning. I agreed and was involved with the project right from chalking out the blueprint to the commencement of the project. It taught me a great deal about land deals, bank finance, project management, etc.

Before long, I had launched my own audit firm called Ravindra Chaturvedi & Co.

In my line of business, your sole focus is on ensuring that your clients grow. The bigger they become, the greater the volume of work you get to handle.

Most of the companies we are associated with have grown in stature over the years. That means, my business has grown, too. In 2006, I bought another firm, Parekh Shah & Lodha, and also started a company called BKC Corporate Solutions Pvt Ltd.

We offer all kinds of corporate solutions under one roof through BKC Solutions -- from auditing to helping with taxation (direct & indirect tax), registration of companies, Company Law Board matters, legal, excise and service consultancy, bank finance and restructuring etc.

Going forward, I have this dream of employing more than 1,000 people. It gives me immense satisfaction to be able to provide employment to the worthy ones. I believe that's the true calling of an entrepreneur.

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