Sunday November 16, 2008,

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Have you ever had a question you wanted answered right away but didn?t have access to the internet or to an encyclopedia or dictionary at the time? This sort of thing has happened to us all at some time or another and it can be really frustrating to not know the answer to something that?s on our mind. If you're in that situation again, fear not because now we've got what you're been looking for.

Innoz Technologies Pvt.Ltd launches SMSGYAN,an innovative text messaging interface for trivia/definitions at your fingertips.

All you have to do in order to get that answer you?ve been dying to know is simply to text it to the SMSGyan number and quickly get the answer as a text message.

Sms GYAN query to 56161 and you'll get back a mobile-friendly, shortened page. For more keywords user has to input GYAN help to 56161.

SMSGyan is your answer to all the questions you can think of; it is your instant cup of knowledge.

This service clears your doubts and sends the piece of gyan to your mobile phones as an SMS.

GYAN means Knowledge in hindi.

The name fit the service as SMSGYAN spreads knowledge using innovation.

SMSGyan provides you instant information. On the website you can find out about how to send the messages, costs, and much more.

And if you get the required knowledge, you have just been successfully gyanned.

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