Chandraprabha, Founder and CEO, CGS

Tuesday December 09, 2008,

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Bringing Meaningful Difference

Born to an art director father, Chandraprabha's childhood was filled with creative discussions and she was able to observe the behavioural traits of various people, their thinking processes and emotions. This led to her developing an interest in people at a very young age. When Chandraprabha was 14, she received a book on analyzing people through their handwriting. This fuelled her interest in the subject of Graphology and she began to apply her learning on her friends and colleagues. She later took up a course in Psychology to support her understanding of human behavior and thereafter tied up with Cafe Coffee Day and began handwriting analysis in a corporate environment.

Over time, Chandraprabha came to understand that stress was one issue that every person had to deal with and which acts as a major barrier in the growth of an individual. Taking a decision to pursue this profession seriously, she acquired an International Certification in Handwriting analysis and began her career as a freelance graphologist. After doing a show on a leading radio station, she received the acknowledgement she needed to take the next step and launched Chandraprabha Graphology Solutions (CGS) with the aid of a talented and well trained team, pioneering the application of this science in India.

Chandraprabha has influenced countless individuals in their business and personal endeavours. Her research has proved that graphology analysis could uncover a person's true potential in their professional as well as personal life. She observed people underperforming and over performing in different situations and started working with them; unearthing their behavioural traits in a holistic manner with just a few samples of handwriting. The corporate trait maps and the consequent change management practice suggested by her helped several corporate clients to lower conflicts, increase productivity and adopt a can-do attitude in their teams.

In a career spanning over 7 years, Chandraprabha has analysed more than 5000 people and helped more than 1000 people from various walks of life to perform better.

Chandraprabha believes that individuals who are able to touch other lives in some positive way are definitely special and this is what has propelled her to pursue this career with such passion.

The progress of people who grow and develop in an affirmative way as a result of her endeavours gives her a true sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. And why not? As she puts it, "In the west people have been benefiting from graphology for a long time. I intend to provide the same quality and result oriented services in India" No wonder she has created a specialized programme customized to every individuals need. We spoke to some of her clients and they vouched on the efficacy of her programmes.

Her prestigious clientele includes celebrities like John Abraham, Bipasha Basu, Smriti Irani, and RJ. Lavanya from Radio City as well as corporate clients from Zenith Computers, Torrent Pharma, Jumboking Foods, Gemini Power Hydraulics, ISPAT, IBM, Cafe Coffee Day, UV Technologies, Radio City and First Flight Courier Services.


In a clear differentiator from practices like Astrology and Numerology, Chandraprabha is bringing about a paradigm shift in people's beliefs in the completely scientific study and application of the practice of Graphology. We can safely say that with the help of an expert like her we can change our life's situation by simply improving our handwriting.

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