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Abhilash BP, Founder, MM Movers & Packers

Tuesday September 01, 2009 , 4 min Read

“You move in, we pack”

When Abhilash BP established MM Group, a company that provides packers and movers services across India, he had barely envisaged that his undertaking would eventually proliferate ten-fold, making him a proud owner of a lucrative enterprise with five branches spread across the country. He exploited every means and put in untiring efforts only to earn a reputation for the company. But not for once did he realise that his perseverance was, in fact, creating a fortune for him.

Apart from proving packers and movers service to its client, this Bangalore-based company also offers storage facility for household and office items (It has three warehousing facilities in Bangalore). Also inclusive in the list is its 24-hours flowers, cakes and gifts delivery service, which is operational only in Bangalore.

Thorough its efficient services, the company makes apparent that if you are anxious about reliable storage facility for your goods or timely delivery of gift items ‘You can swear by us’. What differentiates MM Group from other companies in the field is its array of services that caters to both youths as well as senior citizens. From local shifting, loading/unloading, storage and household and industrial packing and moving to rearranging, door-to-door delivery and insurance, the firm provide a range of facilities.  

“I have great plans for the company’s growth and expansion, right now I only want to focus on providing better services for the existing clients to gain goodwill and increase the scope for favourable word of mouth promotion,” said Abhilash. 

But why entrepreneurship? “I am workaholic and don’t like restricting myself to doing one thing for a prolonged period of time. Also, I like to be independent; it gives me certain kind of satisfaction,” Abhilash asserted.   

Over a period of five years, Abhilash faced innumerable challenges, but none that could deter him in his pursuit of success. Although he admitted that marketing for the varied services the company provided was indeed a big challenge, he said that appointing marketing agencies across the country helped tackle the problem.

Despite precautions and making measured moves, the entrepreneur did falter once. It was during the initial phase when he refrained from increasing the rates of the services, only to promote the company. He does not consider it a mistake, but regrets the fact that he could have avoided the situation. 

“When I did to start my own company, all I had was my savings, which I had from the part time work I did before. Just those Rs5 lakhs, and I set about realising my dreams, aware that one slip could ruin my prospects, but confident that I would make it and make it big,” Abhilash reminisced. Today, his enterprise has a presence in the country’s five leading cities, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Delhi, and Vijaynagar. But Abhilash plans to expand his domain further by developing branches in five more cities in India with a 30% annual growth.   

Give him the option of reverting back to a job and he says, “No! Never. Business is not just my work, it’s my passion. It makes me feel complete. The joy that I derive by offering employment opportunity to people and when my clients give me a positive feedback is unmatchable.”

Tips for budding entrepreneurs — Do a thorough research on the market and your competitors. Know your product inside out. Prepare a business plan and ensure that you have sufficient capital before you set off. Splurging can leave in a soup. Employ knowledgeable and hard working staff to help you – you can’t do it alone. And most importantly, learn to take criticism.