Sumitra Senapaty, Founder, WOW Journeys Pvt Limited

Sunday August 01, 2010,

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Mark Twain said “"Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts.” It seems that more often than not women are excluded from this kind of travel that grants freedom from the dark side of life. Thanks to Sumitra Senapaty women in India can now travel without restraints anywhere they please. Her specially formulated package tours are mad exclusively for women to promote a “sense of emancipation through travel”

Sumitra answered our queries about her venture WOW Journeys Pvt. Limited and her journey as a woman entrepreneur in the conversation below

What exactly is WOW all about?

WOW is more of a travel club, rather than anything else. It is a large extended family of women, plus an alternate support system for women who come together to travel as strangers and part as friends. We have holidays to suit everyone - Cruises for senior citizens, Mom N Me holidays where mothers can bring along their sons & daughters, adventure holidays like rafting and trekking, wild life, safari holidays, wellness get aways and more. We travel to unusual destinations, such as Jordan, Kenya, East Europe, Tibet, Bhutan, Greece, Spain & Ireland, along with the regulars, like Australia, Hong Kong, UK, South Africa, Egypt and Turkey.

What business model do you follow with what aims?

Personalized, honest, aimed at the niche, urban, modern woman with aspiration. It is more like a travel club.

My Mission is to make women experience a sense of emancipation through travel, without social factors holding them back.

What areas do you think an Indian Woman entrepreneur needs to work on?

Self confidence. Making a start with no capital, and the challenge of telling the right people of the product.

What products have you fielded in the market till date?

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Each product has been well received. First product being solo women traveling in group, followed by international women groups visiting India through us, and then young mothers with their kids below the age of 12 yrs, A pure wild life trip to Africa, and then a pure wellness week. and customized holidays for women. The Travel industry rarely attempts these segments because they do not succeed. We have therefore been pioneers.Has your work found any appreciation from the media?

We have been written about in just about all important Medias, both International as well as Indian, both electronic as well as press. I have been asked to speak in various forums, have been on advisory panels related to women travel,

What are the aspects of entrepreneurship that you like the most?

The recognition, the appreciation, and the feeling of being in charge of one's own destiny.

More exciting, more creative, more rewarding

What are your targets for the coming 2 years?

To have a total of 3 branches in India and 5 franchisees, inspire and forge partnerships with similar organizations overseas, to launch more niche products aimed at women, and to launch an NGO to address issues faced by upper middle class single women, who will be among the biggest contributors to the country but will rarely be noticed because they do not matter politically.

Continue to explore new destinations to bring forth more exciting and memorable travel options for women

What are the lessons you have learnt that could benefit your fellow entrepreneurs?

Have conviction, follow your dream, and never give up against impediments that are bound to come your way.

Believe in yourself, follow the dream, never give up, be honest to your clients. .

Yourstory wishes Sumitra and Wow many happy miles on the road of entrepreneurship and travel. We wish her success and hope she reaches her destination wherever she may choose it to be.

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