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Navam Capital invests $1M in seed round in Startup VYOME

Monday November 01, 2010 , 3 min Read

This is a press release

Leading innovators Dr Shiladitya Sengupta of Harvard Medical School and Dr Rajesh Gokhale of Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology, Delhi have come together to found VYOME Biosciences, a new venture focused on dermatology and skin care. Dr Sengupta and Dr Gokhale have published over 75 peer-reviewed scientific papers between them, including in prestigious journals such as Nature and the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

The global dermatology and wound care market is estimated at over $15 billion.

Over the last few decades, there has been significant progress towards

understanding skin, which is the human body's largest organ - but pharmaceuticals

and therapies targeted at treating skin disease haven't incorporated these advances.

VYOME aims to bridge this gap. VYOME will be developing novel, research-based pharmaceutical solutions for antifungal indications, chronic wound healing and for pigmentation disorders of the skin such as vitiligo. Venture capital firm Navam Capital has invested $1M in VYOME as seed funding. "Dermatology is a highly specialized, niche segment in the global pharmaceutical industry. There is tremendous scope for developing creative pharmaceutical solutions incorporating new knowledge to make a significant market impact," said Dr Rajesh Gokhale.

Rajeev Mantri, executive director of Navam Capital, said "VYOME is entering a large market with a strong technical differentiation. We are thrilled to be working with Dr Sengupta and Dr Gokhale to build VYOME into a world-leader in dermatology care.

VYOME will become a disruptive innovator in this space by combining scientific excellence with innovative management and a keen eye on the market andconsumer needs".Dr Abhijit Bapat and Dr Sudhanand Prasad have joined the management team at VYOME. Dr Bapat is the Director of Clinical Affairs, Operations and R&D (Biology) and brings with him significant expertise in clinical development and medical affairs as well as research in the biological sciences, with several years of work experience in academia as well as industry. Dr Prasad is the Director of R&D (Chemistry) and brings with him considerable expertise in synthetic and analytical chemistry and formulation development from an industry perspective. Dr Prasad has over 16 years of experience of discovery research in pharmaceutical R&D and holds several patents and top-tier publications.

About VYOME Biosciences: VYOME Biosciences Private Limited is a

biopharmaceutical solutions company leveraging next-generation functional

genomics platforms, medicinal and polymer chemistry and nanotechnology to inspire the design and engineering of highly effective best-in-class therapeutics for

dermatological indications. Founded in August 2010, VYOME aims to emerge as a

leader in the multi-billion dollar dermatology market through innovative science and

business practices, a deep science-based differentiated product pipeline and an

outstanding team.

About Navam Capital: Navam Capital is an early-stage venture investment firm

focused on advanced materials, life sciences, clean technology, Internet and other

emerging technologies.