Unveiling The Top 20 Finalists - TechSparks™ 2011

Friday August 19, 2011,

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We at YourStory.in are proud to unveil the 20 most innovative companies being built out of India, selected from the 400 registrations received for TechSparks™ 2011 from all across India.


42Gears Mobility Systems is a startup based out of Bangalore dealing with mobile device management for enterprises. Their flagship product, SureMDM, is a multi-platform mobile device management solution that helps companies with software deployment, security, tracking and support for enterprise mobile devices. The solution gives complete visibility as to how company devices are being used, the health of the devices and has the capability to remotely resolve issues on devices even when they are in users’ hands. This cloud-based offering enables customers to start managing their devices within 3 minutes of registration. SureMDM enables the company to prevent manipulation of company devices and ensures that the company information on every device remains confidential. The company caters to more than 150 customers over 30 countries including Arcelor Mittal Mines Canada, 3M Cogent Systems, Peabody Energy and Air Baltic.

Apna Technologies and Solutions

Apna Technologies & Solutions (ApnaTech) designs, develops, manufactures and maintains knowledge engineering products which increases safety and efficiency in Indian Railways. ApnaTech has unique skill sets combining the signal processing, instrumentation and engineering skills along with the IT skills of web interface, database and data-mining. ApnaTech develops safety products like Wheel Impact Load Detector (WILD), which is installed on the side of the railway track which detects the defective wheels and axles that cause high impact loads on the track which in turn causes track fatigue, fractures or derailments.

Bizosys Technologies (10Screens)

10Screens, a prototyping tool created by Bangalore based software engineering company Bizosys Technologies, helps companies visualize business requirements that are critical to software development, which otherwise tends to be hampered by poor communication of requirements among various stakeholders. 10Screens can simulate Windows Mobile, Android, iPhone, without any installation and if the idea involves a process, then it creates flow diagrams with related web forms and other pages that demonstrate rich web applications. 10Screens can be used by non-technical users including business analyst/managers, user experience designers and UI developers. With features like daily backup mechanism, no server maintenance hassles, no server provisioning or installation, 10screens is a product which is here to stay.

Sparsha Learning Technologies

Sparsha Learning Technologies is an e-learning based technology startup headquartered at IIT Kharagpur Science Technology Entrepreneur Park (STEP) and has an extended R&D center at PESIT CORI (Crucible of Research and Innovation), Bangalore. Sparsha’s flagship product, iLearnMore, is a learning and assessment platform which uses technology and simulation to enhance learning, increase retention among students, push teaching efficacy and impart remedial learning in a classroom environment using active learning methodologies. Education is one of the hottest spaces in the economy today, with various areas for improvement being addressed by numerous players. Sparsha strikes at the heart of these problems, with its iLearnMore platform, harnessing simulation mechanisms to make science education more effective.

Heckyl Technologies

Heckyl, a startup based out of Mumbai, provides real time financial information, news analytics and heatmaps to get exclusive coverage of markets, companies and businesses. Heckyl considers the entire web as its local database and uses its proprietary technology to ferret out the best sources of information out there that matters to users, their business and their investments. They cover forex, commodities, over 15000 public listed companies, a few hundred private companies and startups, along with the world’s top private equities players, hedge funds, fund managers and venture capital firms. Heckyl brings together entrenched understanding of the brokerage space and product innovation on the data mining and real-time customized analytics and reporting front.


CropEx harnesses ICT for the agricultural sector by combining the networks of ERP and BI around rural India. They equip the farmers with latest information and technology to maximize their produce and take part in trade efficiently. They provide information to retailers on price, availability, quality, harvesting date and traceability of crop back from fork to farm. They also provide Business Intelligence to the allied agricultural ecosystem comprising of banks, insurance, farm equipment companies and farm input companies.


CloudNucleus offers StorCube backup, recovery and cloud migration software, a simple, cost-effective backup and recovery solution for SMB and SOHO. In case a disaster brings customer servers down, it can restore in minutes the contents of entire hard drive, including the operating system, network, system settings, applications and data. It automates the recovery and migration of servers from physical servers to all major virtual machine platforms or from one virtualization platform to another in real-time. There is clearly a surge in demand for software enabling bare metal restore, protection of servers as ready-to-deploy virtual machines and cloud migration among SMB and SOHO segments. We see CloudNucleus having an early mover advantage in this space.


elLoka’s Green Computer GreCo is powered by a zero watt (0.3 watt) CPU, and is connectable to various displays, including a CRT TV, LCD/LED TV or a monitor. It can also be powered by low watt solar power and provide four hours backup time if used with elLoka’s 15” 12V LCD display. The system runs on a license-free operating system with embedded applications and can be managed remotely. The system weighs only 100 grams and the GreCo requires minimum maintenance since it has no moving parts. These features make the GreCo ideal for rural areas and a great convenience product for urban environments.


DeskStream’s Dynamic Virtual Desktop (DVD) platform delivers legacy Windows applications in the app store format to any device with any platform. While the installed applications are struck to the end point device for management, the app store applications are dependent on the corresponding platform for their execution. But DeskStream has found a way to execute the legacy Windows applications without requiring any installation and deliver them like app store model to Windows and non-Windows platforms. DeskStream’s DVD platform disrupts desktop computing, taking it away from traditional methods and setups. DeskStream’s DVD also brings into light desktop computing on mobile internet devices.


Hotelogix is a cloud-based platform developed by HMS InfoTech providing complete IT infrastructure for a hotel to manage it’s complete operations. Hotelogix requires just a basic internet connection and a computer system to access the application. There is no need for any extensive infrastructure or IT resources for running the IT setup in the hotel, as opposed to the traditional client-server systems that are installed at different premises which most of the current property management systems require. Leveraging cloud technology, Hotelogix offers ‘anytime, anywhere’ access to different stake holders in the hospitality business like sales and marketing offices, travel agents and corporate customers to work on an unified platform, on a real-time basis. Hotelogix moves the entire system on to the cloud, reducing the need for on-premise interventions by addressing the IT requirements of various stakeholders in the value chain.

Reverie Language Technologies

Reverie Language Technologies develops solutions to enhance mobile usability and to provide richer experience to users, addressing all major languages of the world including the complex non-Latin scripts that have negligible presence on mobile phones today, such as the 32 Indian, Perso-Arabic and South Asian languages. Reverie’s integrated multi-lingual solutions can be used by device manufacturers, mobile applications and VAS providers to deliver a variety of text-based content to over a billion untapped users in India and other markets. Reverie’s integrated multi-lingual solution suite addresses many issues faced by current mobile users like lack of good quality fonts, accurate text rendering capability, easy typing keypads, typing aids on mobile phones, etc.


Dexetra is an app development company with cross-platform capabilities and apps like TryCube2, SecureKeys and AibiNox. Friday is their latest offering that helps users find answers about themselves, get personal analytics and acts as a self-created journal. It uses the smart phone as a content creator and extracts user information from the phone. This, in turn, is used to create a semantic map of the user. The various information streams like calls, contacts, texts, mails, locations, check-ins, music played, tweets, etc. are used to build the user map.

United Linkers

United Linkers is a biometric and robotic solutions company based out of Pune offering security technology for automotive sector and a biometric online payment gateway similar to payment gateways like Paypal and Google Checkout. United Linkers has a suite of biometric products, ranging from fingerprint scanners and retina scanners to voice detection tools. Their flagship product, Identisafe-09 is a fingerprint car security system where the driver uses his fingerprint to unlock the vehicle and start the ignition. The same biometric technology behind Identisafe-09 is now being mapped onto their online payment gateway product. Users can register their retina and fingerprint online and link it to their bank accounts, thereby safely removing the unnecessary hassle of using multiple credit cards.

Idea Device

idea Device provides end-to-end automation of all data center critical activities on mainframes, network switches/routers, Unix/Linux servers, Windows servers, bespoke applications, J2EE & multi-vendor stacks from a single web application. Their solutions boost IT ROI, allow for management of IT expenditure, improve compliance and eliminate manual errors from the data centers. Epsilon is their marquee IT runbook automation product.

United Mobile Apps

United Mobile Apps is a Bangalore based mobile platform development company. Their flagship product, Unify is aimed at solving the platform and device fragmentation problem in the mobile space. Being platform agnostic, Unify provides a comprehensive set of APIs and tools such as USync (data synchronization), UConnect (connection management), UManage (device management) etc. that enable seamless data communication across devices, regardless of the manufacturer and the operating system. Unify also provides fully integrated location sentience and payment gateway capabilities.


Layer3media addresses the salient frictions of the $1 trillion video marketplace worldwide - piracy, cost of distribution, monetization difficulties and global reach. Layer3Media has constructed a system called L3 to protect, distribute and monetize video content. The copy-protection technology, whose underlying mechanism keeps changing, makes it a moving target for crackers and pirates. In addition, the platform is independent of the medium of distribution and allows multiple combinations of distribution media. The patent-pending technology also allows content owners to quickly sell their content worldwide with no upfront costs or investment.

Robots Alive

Robots Alive is a robotics technology company specializing in design and development of robotic products and solutions for SMEs and education sector in India. RA6x, a lightweight robot arm, is their flagship product that is highly flexible and delivers a cost-efficient solution for part or full automation in labour intensive work. Their affordable intelligent robots are robust, efficient and can be programmed and operated by a layman with minimal training.


Mediology is a digital publishing company focussed on providing end-to-end technology for media and publishing industry. Right from pre-press workflow solutions to multi-channel publishing, social networking and monetizing media assets, Mediology assists media companies in embracing technology to increase productivity, reduce costs and enhance user experience. Their SaaS-based publishing platform is based on open source software and supports open standards, hence ensuring no vendor lock-in. DigitalPress, DigitalEdition and MobTab are their flagship products.

Capillary Technologies

Capillary Technologies provides customer engagement solutions to retailers and consumer-facing businesses with a focus on high quality data capture, actionable analytics, instant cross-sell solutions to generate a far higher ROI on customer engagement for retailers, all delivered through its patent pending cloud and mobile platform, !nTouch. !nTouch allows companies to create and manage a powerful customer engagement programs right from registration to reward, helping retailers to increase their business while keeping the operating costs at minimum. Capillary is an end-to-end technology solutions provider based out of India with strong presence in Middle East & United Kingdom and South Africa.


Emo2 is building an operating system designed to enable multi-user/multi-touch computing across devices of varying sizes. Emo2’s new operating system aims to change the way users and businesses interact with each other. Emo2’s new OS leverages the cloud to a large extent to deliver user-preferred computing environments at all locations where an emo2 device is available. Emo2 as a company specializes in both hardware and software that enable pervasive human interaction and a form of computing that offers a natural way of interacting with information rather than using the traditional user interface.

We at YourStory.in thank TechSparks™ 2011 Title Sponsor Intel Software & all our supporting partners Sequoia Capital, Google, Amazon Web Services, IBM & National Instruments and CNBC TV18 our TV partner for constantly supporting us throughout this journey.

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