One Stop Shop For All Your Canine Needs:

One Stop Shop For All Your Canine Needs:

Monday June 04, 2012,

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DogSpot Logo was a small business idea that was nurtured in 2007 with entrepreneurial skill and canine love; and it has today grown into India’s leading Dog Portal.

As far as statistics go, India is the fastest growing pet industry globally. As per reports, there are 8.8 million pet dogs in India. If it is assumed that the spending potential of every pet owner is about Rs. 20 per day, it comes close to a 1.5 billion USD industry.

The DogSpot story, which had been covered by us in 2010, then had a membership base of around 17000. That number has since almost doubled, rising to 30000 people who now use the site.

For all those looking to welcome pups into their homes, DogSpot has a forum where one can buy and sell puppies of pretty much every breed to/from a large user base.

The revenue model is based majorly on their e-commerce division. “We do not sell Dogs! We are in the business of promoting brands, services and selling of pet supplies. We follow a very straight forward e-commerce business model, where we make our margins. We also provide marketing pacakges to pet related brands as per their requirements and objectives,” says Rana Atheya, the founder of DogSpot.

Shailesh, Rana and Vizal

The site has a wide range of products on offer, which includes bowls, feeders, dog toys, collars, leashes and even dog magazines. Rana adds, “Certain brands such as 'Isle of Dogs' and 'KONG' offer top-notch quality, but are expensive, tough to push in pet stores and consequently, difficult to find and purchase in normal pet shops. We offer rich stock of these brands on our website and our focus is on ensuring that the pets get the best quality care by their owners.”

We also have lifestyle range having shoes, hats, socks, caps, raincoats, T-Shirts etc for dogs. Another interesting range is of utility product, products like Diapers, Puppy training pads etc, which are very popular.

DogSpot promotes many events as partners. “Although we do not hold any events, we are generally elected as Exclusive Digital media partners and we support by pre marketing and post marketing the event.

Rana is also the CEO of DogSpot. “Vizal Atheya, my wife, is the co-founder. The technology team is headed by Mr. Shailesh Visen who is also the company’s director and Mr. Ankur Tandon heads the operations (supply chain and fulfilment),” he informs.

The overall size of the team is 13. This number includes product managers, SEO analysts, customer care, software developers and an operations team

Everyone at DogSpot is a pet lover and understands needs of a pet owner very well,” says Rana.

About the future, the CEO adds, “Five years from now, DogSpot will dominate the Asia pacific region as a prominent brand with an objective to provide all pet related solutions under one umbrella 

As a fragmented and unorganised sector today pet industry need lots of organised initiatives. We are trying to fill up a big reach and convenience void by building a consistent supply and distribution platform,” Rana says signing off.

Do give their colourful and four legged friendly website a look in here.