KiSSFLOW – A Simple yet Powerful Workflow Engine for Google Apps

Tuesday July 03, 2012,

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With majority of the word processing and number crunching tasks moving to the Cloud, there is a need for an integrated workflow. Launched at Google I/O last week, KiSSFLOW, the first integrated workflow service with Google Apps targets exactly this. It lets Google Apps customers to visually define and manage workflows.

Workflows traditionally involved a set of developers working with business managers to define the rules and the roles. But the real users of workflow always wish for simple and flexible way to manage the ever-changing logic without ever changing the code. Based on the demos that I have seen, KiSSFLOW seems to address this problem pretty well. It puts the control back to into the business users who can define, manage and change the workflow as required. Businesses migrating to Google Apps find a challenge in moving their existing workflows based on Lotus Notes. This is exactly where KissFLOW shines. It comes close in emulating most of the on-premise workflows running in a legacy environment. While Google Apps offers cloud based productivity software including mail, docs, calendar among other

products for businesses, it does not natively offer structured collaboration for businesses. Without this, businesses run workflows on emails and spreadsheets, making them hard to track, scale and report. KiSSFLOW, built to work exclusively with Google Apps makes it easy to build and manage workflows.

The creators of KiSSFLOW made sure that the user experience is consistent with Google services like Gmail and Google Docs. This gives an integrated feel when dealing with the product. Organizations leveraging Google Apps can attach the documents as a part of the workflow and share it with other users of the same domain. Simply putting it, KiSSFLOW is ‘Workflow for Google Apps’.

I am personally very proud of the team from OrangeScape who built this awesome product. It is not very often that we see an Indian company launching a product at a global event like Google I/O. congratulates Suresh Sambandam, Founder, CEO and Mani Doraisamy, Co-Founder and CTO of OrangeScape. Below is the KiSSFLOW launch video from the Google I/O (Skip to 20:00 to watch the product launch).

- Janakiram MSV, Chief Editor,

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