Practice Math on Virtual Worksheets with this iPad App

Practice Math on Virtual Worksheets with this iPad App

Sunday July 22, 2012,

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iPad is the modern day slate. No longer do kids practice math on sheets of rough paper and black slates; the day isn’t far when kids start interacting with devices from the day they’re born. A step in this direction, Math !!! app allows users, mostly students, to practice math on a worksheet.

“Being an educator, and the mother of two kids, I have experienced the difficulties of students and teachers with learning and teaching math respectively. Students usually have no motivation in doing math or practicing on worksheet, for these methods aren’t interactive enough. Also, my students used to waste a lot of paper, and they threw away all those pages eventually,” says Yasmeen, Founder, Math Pentagon producer of Math!!! app.

Apart from the disinterest of students towards learning mathematics, teachers also find it tough to manage assignments and track the progress of every student they teach. Taking the constraints of students and teachers alike as a cue, Yasmeen Kassim and Mashaal Sheikh (also Co-Founder of StudioWallStock) decided to provide an innovative solution using technology as an answer to the problems at hand.

Math!!! app for iPad was launched in Oct 2011. The USP of the Math!!! app is its unique platform with several new features like writing, scribbling and practicing math worksheets on iPad. Teachers also have the provision to review and track the progress of students in real-time, thereby enabling them to prepare for further classroom teaching. Students can attend LIVE interactive teaching sessions conducted by their teachers on iPad using a sophisticated inbuilt LIVE Learning Center.

Math Pentagon Privilege Program for schools allows them to request for the free Math !!! app license (with one year validity) for teachers and students invited by them. The app covers several topics in Mathematics for Grade 3 - Grade 8. The course content includes Algebra, Geometry, Statistics, Decimals, Fractions, Percent, Ratio and Proportion, Trigonometry and Numbers.

Having tried several different revenue models for this app, Math Pentagon finally settled on a subscription based model with subscription fee for 30 days, 90 days and 1 year. 85% of the downloads are coming from US, UK, Australia and Canada, apart from a lot of traction from other regions in Asia and Europe. With around 200,000 downloads and more than 2,100 teachers registered so far, Math Pentagon has new premium Math apps tailored to specific grades with exhaustive content covering over 210,000 Math questions will be coming out in the next month.

Introduction of virtual learning may have revolutionized the approach to classroom learning world over. But the true impact of these innovations is yet to be felt in India. More tablets in the lower price range are soon to be out in the market making them more accessible to more people. This might bring about the much awaited tipping point in the app and mobile/tablet market in India.

You can download Math!!! app here.

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