Utilizing 7 Years of Experience in Fabrics to Build Blue Bus Tees; Battling the Overcrowded Segment

Utilizing 7 Years of Experience in Fabrics to Build Blue Bus Tees; Battling the Overcrowded Segment

Saturday September 22, 2012,

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A failed search for a slogan tee in India was what led to the formation of Blue Bus Tees. Slogan tees have actually become quite a fad among the college going youth. Tees inspired from famous Bollywood dialogues, TV series and spoofs have become quite a rage. This certainly appeals to the youth and works as a creative cum fun startup idea as well. There a gazillion startups trying to grab a bigger pie in the tee shirt segment and the going is bound to be rough.

Started in 2009 by Pranav Kapur and Abhir Khanna, Blue Bus Tees has come a long way in the designer tees segment. Pranav has been in the field of fabric for the last 7 years working with his father. Abhir graduated from Purdue University and took up the mantle of the business side and finance. Later on, they hired a couple of designers as well.

Some of the designer tees available online:

Both of us were working in our family run business for 6-7 year and were basically very bored of the whole thing and we used to talk about starting something on our own. The current ecommerce is still very new it will take some time for it to really penetrate India most of our sales are still COD but that will change in due time. A lot of people have been cheated earlier online as in they were sent a much inferior product as to what was shown on the website that thinking will take time to change, people need to start trusting the websites now for them to give out their card details which will take some time in India,” says Pranav.

You can also design your own tee:

For the SCM, they have tied up with an exporter in southern India for supplying tees. They buy blank tees and print them in Bombay, thus keeping the designing and printing under control. Currently they are using CCAvenue as the payment gateway. 42% of their customers are repeat, thus showing a good feedback on their offerings. They plan to add more tees and other products, but plan to keep the prices of various products less than 1000.

BBT is a bootstrapped startup and currently they are actively looking for funding. Looking forward they wish move into a bigger office and with a much bigger team. Their main aim right now is to get to 1crore in sales in the next year. They also plan to add more products like collar tees, slipper, boxers, and belts and also start a range of tees for new-borns and kids.

Try out some slogan tees at Blue Bus Tees. This ecommerce player has a Page on YourStory Pages!

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