[App Fridays] Nukkad - Another SoLoMo App, But with Tighter Social Integration

Saturday December 01, 2012,

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Take the top 4% of app developers who are making a killing on the various app store markets. A large proportion of them are early adopters of the mobile platform. I think a lot of app developers in India are bracing themselves for the predicted penetration of smartphones and internet in the next few years. When the wave does come, the established player across categories, who already have

a large user base will acquire more users more rapidly and hence will be able to monetize their apps better.SoLoMo apps in India with the current smartphone and internet penetration will not work at scale. It can, at best, be a niche app used by the app makers, their friends and some people who like the platform. However, Nukkad, seems to bring something more to the table. Yes, it doesn't have the users to pull off another FourSquare at the moment, but with tighter integration with other social networks, the app is very engaging even now. As you go through this review, you will find that Nukkad has combined Facebook, Twitter and Instagram so as to capitalize on a large already existing user base and using location based techniques to make it better. Read on to find out more -


The app performs the following functions -

  1. A location based social network (People Around) - It connects Nukkad users nearby, whose Facebook profiles can be used and chatted with
  2. Social based location awareness (Buzz Around) - Nukkad pulls and displays Twitter and Instagram feeds with respect to your location
  3. Location based Businesses Notifier (Stores around) - Displays stores and restaurants around your location
  4. Location based Deals display and broadcasting - Provides deals at shops and stores around you. It also allows you to tell other Nukkad users about a deal

These are the ways in which we've been able to use the app so far.


We measured Nukkad's effectiveness on the functions that it performs -

  1. People around - When you use the app for the first time, it pulls data from your Facebook accounts. It does the same with every user, so in this menu, you can see a list of Nukkad users around you as photo tiles. On clicking a user, you can either chat with them or view their profile. Most of the profile information is from the user's Facebook profile . Another cool option on this app is that it shows mutual friends and groups between you and the Nukkad user.
  2. Buzz Around - By far the most impressive feature on a SoLoMo app that I've seen so far, this shows Twitter and Instagram feeds of users around you and about places around you. Why I feel this is impressive is that from a usage angle, the app is already interactive without needing to have those users on the platform. Furthermore, it brings user opinion about places, events and happening around you. The best part; these aren't even Nukkad users.
  3. Stores Around - This list of stores around you is pulled from Google and isn't as comprehensive as I'd like it to be. While it does mention all the well known place, it doesn't provide directions to the place. With all the other integration that Nukkad has, I think Google Maps integration could have been a great feature on this particular function.
  4. Offers - This is an offer listing from businesses around you. Again, it isn't the best deal listing app out there. However, the deal notification feature is pretty new and with more users on the app, Nukkad provides a great platform to promote deals through smartphone users.

Battery Report - By Little Eye Labs 

Nukkad is a location and data centric app and a s such network connectivity i s integral to i t . The app handle s the network connection in an impressive manner, with good use of caching to minimize the impact on battery life . On every subsequent run of the app, it tried to use previously cached data as much a s possible , keeping the refreshing to a minimum and conserving battery. The app sometimes sends continuously low amount s of data for several minutes . A better strategy to put less strain on the power consumption would be to transfer high amount of data for a short period instead.

UI and UX 

Nukkad has a really good UI. It has used all the prescribed UI practices and a regular app user will not have too much of a learning curve to figure out how to use the app. To make things easier for the user, first time functions have a AR tutorial. Some menus are laid out using tabs, but these are retractable in a very intuitive manner, hence keeping a familiar way of navigation and at the same time, saving on screen real estate. Its a good looking app and is laid out pretty well.The UX is good as well. Familiar gestures such as swipe have been kept in mind. They have even catered for different transition effects within the app which is common in launcher apps. Its fun. However, I do believe that the app can do with some optimization as the app feels a little sluggish; there's a noticeable lag in screen transitions.

What We Liked 

Nukkad is overall an app I wouldn't delete off my phone, but specifically, here's what makes the app work for me

  1. The tight social integration - I love how this SoLoMo app can be so interactive without having a large user base. Furthermore, people usually tweet and take pictures of things around me that would interest me. Well done!
  2. Well laid out - The apps layouts and the general UI and UX is right up there with the other good apps out there.

What we didn't like 

Keeping in mind that Nukkad is a new app, here are some places with room for improvement for the app - 

  1. Maps integration - Its a SoLoMo app and maps is something that the app can really do with. Simple tasks like directions to a shops and restaurants can add to the experience of the app.
  2. Sluggish - The app can also do with some more optimization, but we can let this one pass as its a fairy new app.

Last Words 

To me, Nukkad's social integration will be the key to its possible success. Despite the lack of users in a locality, the app borrows user interaction from other more established social platforms, giving the apps location based functions that much more of a boost. Other wise, with maps integration and some UX optimization, the app is ready to go toe to toe with any other successful SoLoMo app out there.

Download Nukkad here

Download the complete battery report for Nukkad here


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