Founded by Ex-Zynga Employee Cherian Thomas, Cucumbertown Opens for Public; A 500 Startups Company

Founded by Ex-Zynga Employee Cherian Thomas, Cucumbertown Opens for Public; A 500 Startups Company

Friday November 23, 2012,

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Warning: Reading further will make your mouth water

Cucumbertown is a recipe network in very simple words- a Tumblr for recipes. A great team at the helm, Cucumbertown is the perfect example of 'The World is Flat'. 4 people, over 3 continents have developed this product that has received very good early reviews. In invite only mode till now, Cherian Thomas, the founder today announced on Facebook that the flood gates have now opened.

There are a few interesting things about Cucumbertown:

  • Made with love: Everyone associated with Cucumbertown is there because of their love for the project (read complete story for a lot of heart). Be it food or designing something gorgeous; there has been no ulterior motive and this has perhaps resulted in the second interesting thing:
  • Investor interest: Backed by Paul Singh of 500 startups, Sizhao “Zao” Yang, co-creator of Farmville, Naval Ravikant and few other  prominent investors, fund raising has been rather easy for Cherian and team. They've been able to raise from the valley and this is again partly related to one more thing:
  • The Zynga Connect: In a conversation with Paul Singh, he told me that he had no double minds about investing in Cherian. "If you've worked at Zynga and been able to come out on very good terms, you have it in you." This might not seem to be very important but the statement unearths a lot about how an investor thinks and how certain things in the past influence decisions.

Cucumbertown is meant for the globe but has more Indian users as of now. But being in the valley and having foreign co-founders has helped Cherian to develop it as a global product and in essence, Cucumbertown wants to be the place for every kind of food! There are a bunch of things you can do even if you have the faintest of interest in cooking.

Give it a lip-smack!

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