[TechSparks 2012 Update] IntouchApp from Volare Technologies now manages over a million contacts

[TechSparks 2012 Update] IntouchApp from Volare Technologies now manages over a million contacts

Monday December 17, 2012,

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Contact management app IntouchApp from Volare Technologies has reported that the app manages over a million contacts within a month after its release. The app basically keeps your contacts auto-updated, backed up & synced across your devices. Users need to create an Intouch account and login on all the

devices where they can access their contacts. In essence, IntouchApp makes the contacts device independent.

The app faced initial skepticism on how it would fare against existing cloud based contact management solutions, but its seamless support across platforms seems to be working for it. In less than a month, the app has been downloaded over 5000 times on the Android platform alone and manages over a million contacts as of today.

Volare Technologies (Formerly known as IntouchID) also happens to be a Tech30 comapny and we got in touch with Sarang Lakare, Founder and CEO, to learn what he thinks has worked for the app and reveals how the app has managed to find its place in spite of providing a service that is a given in most smartphones.


IntouchApp’s contact management solution works on almost every smartphone platform. Currently catering for Android, iPhone, BlackBerry and Java Mobiles, IntouchApp boasts claims of having the worlds only connection based contact updation features that works across all its supporting platforms. Furthermore, the app also stores

contacts in native database, specific to the phone using the app without adding to any additional memory on the phone itself and maintains phone and mail labels across all devices.The icing on the cake for the users is IntouchApp’s cost - Free. Alternates to Intouch app is said to cost upto $60 a year. The app has seen great traction across various countries. Sarang shares that the top three countries, in terms of downloads are India, US and Saudi Arabia. They were surprised to see such high usage from Saudi Arabia and credit it to the app’s support full unicode which allows Arabic names to be preserved.

Backup and Sync on Any Platform

Understandably, IntouchApp is currently used predominantly for its backup and sync features. With a phone change cycle being about 18 - 24 months long, the need for this kind of a service is evident. With more smartphone platforms and OEMs offering more attractive options for the end users, apps like IntouchApp become all the more relevant.

The app is yet to launch on other platforms and its initial traction on Android is indicative of good things to come from the app. The Java phone app could be the game changer in emerging markets, driving more users to the app. Once downloaded, the features of the app and its emphasis on UI and usability will come through for IntouchApp, making it potentially another global app success story from India.

Download IntouchApp (availible on Blackberry and iPhone) or visit their website

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