[YS TV] Chockriti Chocolates: Natural Sweets A Dentist Can Approve Of

[YS TV] Chockriti Chocolates: Natural Sweets A Dentist Can Approve Of

Sunday December 16, 2012,

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Chockriti Chocolates, founded by Pragati Sawhney in February 2011, was created to give chocolate lovers and people mindful of their health a quality chocolate to indulge in. Utilizing only natural ingredients, Pragati wanted to ensure that there was a chocolate boutique out there for all the chocolate lovers. Pragati was always had a love for dark chocolate, which, combined with her travel abroad, made her realize she wanted to come back to India to become a social entrepreneur. She wanted to use everything she had been taught during her education as a dentist and masters in Public health to make chocolate using organic and local products.

Taking her love of chocolate to the next level, Pragati uses Chockriti as an avenue to engage with the community and give something back to society. Her activities have included, among others, sponsoring an American Indian Foundation event in Los Angeles this past August , executing a free dental health campaign for students in Guragon, and donating part of Chockriti’s revenues to Akshay Pratishtan. They are also currently training and hiring selected students from Akshay Prathisthan, and setting up new kitchens in the area.

If you have been looking for a delectable chocolate to indulge…check out Chockriti Chocolates!

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