Clickdesk launches new version of their live customer engagement tool; adds new admin dashboard & web panel

Clickdesk launches new version of their live customer engagement tool; adds new admin dashboard & web panel

Wednesday May 29, 2013,

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ClickDesk, a hosted combo product of live chat, help desk, voice chat & social toolbar for online businesses, today announced the launch of its new version of customer engagement live support tool. The new version offers several enhancements including new online dashboard for the admin, agents’ online webchat panel to receive live chats, advanced reports section with live chat & ticket analytics, multiple new live chat themes, chat animations and improved 3rd party live chat integrations.


We first wrote about ClickDesk early last year and ever since, they've reported rapid growth. As it stands today, ClickDesk has over 70,000 users, mainly startups and SMBs.

“Since the public launch of our unified customer engagement service, we have been closely monitoring the feedback and working on to enhance the product. This is a major release for us and we tried to make navigation through our dashboard seamless”, says Manohar Chapalamadugu, CEO of ClickDesk. “The advanced reports give more insights about the live chats, performance of agents, customer engagement & satisfaction levels. The new eye catchers, chat animations and live chat themes help get quick web visitor attention while browsing the website. The webchat

Click desk

agents’ panel is in public beta and is being loved by the early adopters for the ease of answering live chats & tickets from any device online”, he added.The new web chat panel also features advanced visitor information, chat history, integration details fetched from 3rd party services and one-click buttons to ban a visitor, close a chat, use shortcuts and transfer chats to other available online agents. The live chat widget interface also includes a social toolbar, enabling users to Tweet about a brand or like a Facebook page right from the chat window.

Clickdesk offers a free forever plan, while paid plans start at $9.99. ClickDesk has special discounts on 1 year and 2 years pricing across all paid plans.

Check out the new and improved Clickdesk and tell us what you think

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