Real estate developer looking for branding? Brandniti are just the guys for you

Real estate developer looking for branding? Brandniti are just the guys for you

Saturday May 18, 2013,

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Stagnation emerges one of the biggest obstruction of high spirited individuals. It is what led Haresh Motirale and Smita Thoratto to chuck their high paying jobs and start Regenti Media, a design and communication agency. 


Brandniti was formed under Regenti Media Pvt Ltd as a full fledged Design and Communication agency. Brandniti primarily focuses on adding value to the real estate space in India. It was started in February 2012, with a vision to emerge as one stop solution for all marketing and business needs of real estate developers. It addresses varied needs of Real Estate Developers like developing renders & walkthroughs to traditional advertising mediums like print, hoarding & digital.

Both Smita and Haresh have been actively involved with the development of Brandniti since inception. Having been in the real estate industry, they have also observed the changing trends in the same. Haresh says “We observed that trends were changing. Clients in the industry were asking for more innovative, creative solutions and weren’t clinged to only the traditional mediums.”

Building on the existing gap in the Real Estate, they were able to carve out the essential values for Brandniti. Its focus on quality service delivery and innovative communication approach in traditional mediums like brochures, websites, walkthrough, print, outdoors and choice of innovative mediums like tablet applications have helped them retain existing clients and also get references for future contracts. Some of the clients include India Bulls, Suntech and Equinox Reality.

Haresh shares “My experience of 14 years in marketing & sales with real estate developers has come in handy in marketing & sales expertise with involvement in activities such as marketing plan, media plan, sales plan to launch real estate projects


across the board etc.” In addition to the above, his experience in graphics & animation adds value to his creative instincts and ability to think through innovative concepts and brainstorm along with other team members. On the other hand Smita being a qualified Architect with honours brings her enormous strength as a business leader and networked individual. She has been at the forefront when starting up and has been leading the team effectively.Brandniti works with developers during varied phases of their business cycle. Haresh also shares that majority of their revenue is generated through repeated business and hence client satisfaction emerges a priority for the whole team. The effective last financial year turn over for the startup was INR 14 Million. The founders are hopeful of attaining a 100% growth this financial year. The success rate of the startup adds fuel to the burning spirits of team Brandniti. Haresh mentions that they are looking forward at other industries such as Pharma, Retail, FMCG, and Jewelers etc. They are also planning to setup regional offices in Pune and Bangalore. “We have been approached by various developers in these markets who value and appreciate our expertise in the domain. We are also continuously looking to step-up on improving client experiences through use of technology and adding up strength to our creative & client servicing team” 

He also shares “Our prime challenge as a startup was putting together the right team, we believe in this space quality of resource is foremost, and getting them together is daunting.” However, over a period of time they have been able to put together skilled & passionate team that is aligned to their long term vision. Brandniti is a 12 member strong team and are aiming high to grow into 22-24 members by the end of this year.

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